Welcome home. Back to work for most and the year starts. 2011 was a year of endings for sure. Rain and thunderstorms on NYE and I feel as though it’s washing away all the grease and tears of 2011 away. 2012 on the other, is gonna be a good one. It’s not something I nor I think anyone is able to express verbally, it’s more of a gut feeling. I’m smiling just thinking of it.

The Great Migration

A couple years back this time in 2008 I had got my 1st tattoo completed. It’s simple and profound. I had it done after I had concluded my matric finals and during a time of transformation. A change that was personal, mental and physical. Earlier into 2008 my folks had told me they had thought long and hard about how to make our lives worthwhile and the only alternative we had to better our financial state was to immigrate.  Needless to say since the beginning of 2008 to this point in time, I’ve had a turbulent journey. My tattoo says ‘Romans 8:18’ and it states that “I shall not consider my present sufferings, for the glory shall be revealed in me.” Nothing has ever made more sense to me than that in my 21 years of life. We all search for meaning throughout our lives and don’t feel content without it, yet for me that verse explained all my success and all my heartache in a mere sentence. Those words apart are nothing but words but together they have impacted my life to profound extents.

Since August 2010 my life hasn’t been full of rainbows and sunshine. I saw my family of 3 crumble in front of my eyes. My father taking me and my mum to another country only to subsequently leave us to pursue is homosexuality. I for one am not homophobic as two of my greatest and most sincere friends are gay, yet dealing with my father being gay is a whole new matter. He’s my father. I’m dealing with his bad life choices as my own. It’s not so much the ‘gay’ part I have a problem with, it’s more how he handled the situation. However, this is not a plea for you to feel sorry for me as I refuse to be a prisoner of my circumstances; it’s rather a request that you should not doubt your strength and ability to overcome your tribulations.


This is what its all about

“A New Year resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to one or more lasting personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit.” Setting a ‘New Year Resolution’ for everyone has a unique and completely personal significance. For me it signifies that although my past year has proven challenging and at times disheartening it also had immense happiness. Going forward I think letting go of the past is not a sign of weakness, it’s more an indication that you’re ready to accept the new challenge and grow.

I have come up with my 3 types of growth. I’m sure some of you can relate.

Personal Growth:

Each and every exceptional day we are faced with personal tasks. These range from minor to major and impact us both positively and negatively. How we handle them determines the outcome and as we all have learnt ‘Every action has a reaction.’ So going into 2012 I hope to think more about taking positive action and using the consequences rendered to better my personal growth. We, as individuals are solely responsible for our own growth. One of my greatest obstacles in 2012 lies in the art of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.”                                                                             Indira Gandhi

Physical Growth:

This is something I for one need to concentrate on. Healthy living to me does not mean becoming a vegetarian, eating distasteful plants and roots or convincing myself that chocolate is of the devils recipe book. Meat makes me happy like a fantastic steak with mushroom sauce or some traditional biltong. “All in moderation,” my mum would say. As another of my all important ‘New Year Resolutions’ I need to go back to basics and stop myself over indulging (With Christmas as an exception, you can all agree with me on that). As a wise man once said:

I won’t eat anything green.”

    Kurt Cobain 

Mental Growth:

I find this manner of development draining. It’s all encompassing. I often find myself shattered more mentally than physically. I tend to feel that my body has been attacked and am more exhausted after a busier day of mental exertion than when I’ve been physical. Like my brain has been cross-wired and has literally burned out. I think that by me knowing when to direct a situation and when to let it take its course is a lesson I need to master. I’ll forever be in pursuit of perfection but I have already dealt with the fact that all situations cannot be controlled and that what I can change, I will and I’ll do that to the paramount of my ability.

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”




So I hope that for you, going forward is not as frightful as it seemed to be. I hope you can find adventure in new beginnings and that 2012 is successful and proves to be as tough as 2011. That being said, you’ll be harvesting a greater reward. Don’t be afraid to grow! Your capabilities are endless…

Wish you all a prosperous New Year!


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