At first I thought it may just be me. Then I started to notice that in fact I was not alone.  The more I searched, the more I found. I was not alone after all. Social media has taken us by storm and is continuously changing each new day. Sometimes it can become over whelming and people in the industry have thus invented dashboards to ease the load and No, not the thing in your car. I for one need this! I run my company social media campaign and will eventually be running a large retail companies as well. However this has subsequently turned my tiny naive and sheltered life upside down and inside out.

This is when I came to the realization that I either “Dash it or Trash it!” 

Dashboard Organization. What works for me.

I personally find that Hootsuite suits my needs. I have tried CoTweet, Tweetdeck and Buffer but for me, I find solace in the little wise owl. It’s easy to manage and makes perfect sense, even to those that aren’t tech savvy. You simply add your facebook, twitter and linked in accounts by signing in to them via Hootsuite and VOILA! You have three social media platforms at your disposal in one place. No more searching. No more logging in and no more fuss. You simply add your content to the message and click on the icon profiles you want it to be sent to. Furthermore, it allows you to schedule your tweets. *BLISS*

The supreme fall of this and the retweet button is that most people are missing out on great content by simply being sluggish. They retweet to their hearts desire and make the undeniable mistake of not actually reading the content themselves. Due to innovative headlines people feel they understand what the content incorporates without reading the article. If you’re one of these (Which I myself am totally guilty of at times) then this is for you… Take a moment to prioritise what articles are worth your time. We don’t all have the pleasure to search Google all day and everyday for hours on end to read absolutely every article that comes our way.

Be a smart reader. Set your Google Alerts, Subscribe and save yourself from SMO (Social Media Overload).

One last tip is to organize and archive your Social Media Newsletters and Notifications in your email by adding a new group. It’ll save you extensive amounts of valuable time.

Hope this helps you going forward…

The Hootsuite Dashboard

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