Marmite- Spread Smile


The point that brought me to write this post in particular was the frivolous push messages I keep receiving via email and the most irrelevant of updates on twitter. This got me thinking. . . How could you live with your conscience after promoting a product you didn’t believe in? This very same question applies to people marketing a product that they, themselves, have NO intention of using. It’s frustrating to be honest.

What is the point in advertising a product that you don’t believe in? The greatest case study I could find that would possibly allow you to understand my question with a little more insight, is that of Marmite.

Catch My Phrase If You Can

I did some reading into Marmite and learned a few things about how it came to be. I myself am no lover of this gooey disgusting accident of a bread spread but I have complete respect for the Marmite campaign. The history behind this mishap, as legend goes, early 19th Century a German Scientist (Something I’m very likely to mispronounce even with having Afrikaans as a useless 2nd language) had discovered that yeast could be preserved in a jar and consumed. Although it’s name is of French origin the English patented it for themselves, whereby the Gilmour family took on production of Marmite.

Not only was this delightful product delicious… It was nutritious too (slight hint of sarcasm there. Really NOT a Barmy Marmy Fan), but it was so well received by majority of Britain that it was issued as part of the Soldiers rashons during WW1. Hence the undoubtedly famous and recognisable slogan became ‘Love it or Hate it‘ and Marmite from then onwards was the ultimate household item. Countries belonging to the Commonwealth had distributed the item amongst themselves, mainly being South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. All have since then tweaked the recipe to suit their acquired taste (‘Cos let’s be honest, the Brits don’t have a sense of taste and seasoning- I really despise Marmite!) For example New Zealand has a brown sugar and caramelised taste to that of the Brits salty natured Marmite.

Marmite- You either Love it... Or Hate it Campaign.

3 Steps To Believing In Your Brand

1. Believe in Your Product- I feel that if you pursue a brand you ultimately have to know that you believe in it. That’s how you sell it. Bottom line is that if you don’t believe in your product how can you expect others to?

2. Generate Content- They key to promoting products using the latest online methods is to create ORIGINAL content and market to the right people on the appropriate sites. For example; You won’t sell a product targeted at kids in Prep/Primary school on Twitter. Your reach to that target would be of greater use to you on Facebook. Incorporating time schedules should be treated as importantly as that of your content and target market aspects.

3. Harness The Headline- The same feeling you get when you’ve simultaneously sunk two balls in two separate pockets whilst playing a game of pool or that feeling you get when driving a manual transmission and you’ve made a superb pull off at a traffic light/ robot and you have a giggle to yourself with a pat on the back… This is the same feeling you should get when writing an absolute Rock Star of a Headline. This has proved to me time and time again how vital it is to get people to read your blog. Not just your blog but your content. Your brand. Your ideas!

In Conclusion…

Write a killer blog and a rocking Headline that gives you that euphoria. Something you’re so proud of that its ability to fail becomes redundant. If the blog is mundane in your eyes- believe me, it’ll be the same to others. Point is, people will either LOVE IT OR HATE IT and its up to you to BELIEVE in the product you’re selling first and foremost before you can expect others to.



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