Pinterest  is the latest edition to hit the Social Media family and is doing a phenomenal job of it too. I recently joined the site or in fact ‘I was invited’. Although at first I questioned their audacity as to why I could not just sign up immediately, I let the thought simmer for a while and after I had come to my senses I realized that this is exactly one of the rare features WHY this platform has succeeded. I felt elite due to the fact that I needed to be INVITED, even though I admittedly was disgruntled at first, it made me feel quite royal once my mere mortal request had been ‘ACCEPTED’. I’ve been using it for a few months now and with the new layout things seem more in order. Here are some of my boards and even the gents are finding initiative ways to use the platform.

I’ve been considerably proactive on Pinterest and I did ample research on the benefits of using the platform particularly for business purposes and it’ll blow your mind as to what you are capable of using this new media source for.

First Things First-


Once you’ve received a notification stating that your request for an invite has been accepted you can get started. They do however give you an option to browse whilst you wait but be warned… I waited for days! Never-the-less, have a squiz and flirt with pins (Sounds Dangerous innit?) … Well… It is! It’s dangerously ADDICTIVE!

The Many Uses of being a Pin Head-

  1. Navigate:On the Top Right hand corner of your profile you’ll see your Gravatar. Use the drop box to see all your edit options. This will also include the following:
    • Pins
    • Boards
    • Likes

  2. Profile Edit: Next to your Gravatar you’ll see an ADD+button. Click on the add button to make use of the following features:
    • Add a Pin
    • Upload a Pin
    • Create a Board
  3. Cypher to Uncover: If your wandering where to from here- Here’s how… At the top of your page in the middle, click on the Pinterest  logo. The page it brings you to may look daunting at time but don’t fret. Use the ‘Everything’ drop box to cypher through the topics and browse through the ones that interest you.
  4. Pin-Your-Interest:The first I dash for is ALWAYS Photography, without a doubt. So you for instance will choose your topic and click on it. When you hover the pin you like you’ll get these 3 options:
    • Repin
    • Like
    • Comment
      • Repin: Add to a Current board or Create a new board. Describe/ label your Pin and then choose whether you would like to send it to Facebook, Twitter or both. Then simply PIN IT!
      • Like: Easy as 1…2…CLICK!
      • Comment: Click comment and at the bottom of the image a box will appear. Use your knowledge of Social Media Etiquette to formulate an appropriate response. Keep it cordial. No-one likes a Potty Mouth as Medea would say 😉
  5. Follow and Discover: To follow a Pin-Art-iste simply click on the name at the bottom of an image you like. This will then divert you to their profile and there you’ll be able to view all the boards and pins. However, you are not obligated to view all of their boards. Whats great is that you have the free-will to follow a persons specific board. If you find that overall their boards appeal to you may click ‘FOLLOW’ under their gravatar, which will then allow you to follow all their pins at once.
  6. The “Pin It” Button: If you navigate your way to the top right hand-side of your page to ‘About’ you’ll see “Pin it button”. It’s simple enough to use- just drag the icon to your web browsers toolbar. Once this is done you are free to Pin-As-You-Please.
Food & Drink

Some Baseball [SPORT] For the Gents



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