-Aesop (Greek Fabulist and Author)

o truer words have ever been spoken in terms of community. Man United Football club value this as a team. Their die-hard fans ‘Hooligans’ are so dedicated to this that many have risked their lives for their team. Football is more than a game in England. . . It’s a religion! Sundays are pushed aside for footy and families all around the island have been cast in front of the tele as their ritual commences.

Many of the die-hard wars of this world have been fought with this motto in mind. Explaining that only once individuals unite together in spirit they may truly understand the meaning of the greater good but unless they stand and conquer as a community and singular entity they will crumble and their greatest fall to not remain together will be their one demise. That one fault is the difference between a victory and defeat.

I’m sure that the image on the right rings some bells. The reason I chose this image from Gladiator was because I feel it’s right up there with Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor etc. This depicts how uniting really is beneficial for survival. They went in as dead meat and came out Champions. A winning strategy enforced since the world began.


Facing The Giants

‘Your actions will always follow your beliefs’

– Larry Childers (Facing The Giants)

I’ve recently been placed in a situation whereby I had no choice to decline. That’s bollocks right? We ALWAYS  have a choice! It may not be the right choice or the best choice BUT it’s still a choice none-the-less! There is honestly nothing more frustrating than someone who is indecisive. Make up your mind! I personally feel that people who don’t make decisions or hesitate with a prolonged reaction are afraid of the consequences. Yet I think it’s a more critical misconception to NOT make a decision. Good or bad, at the end of the day we’ve learned something. Each lesson we experience in life is something that we’re meant to learn. I for one may not have found the experience fun at the time but I learned from it. The way I see it, is that there are two kinds of people who react to both good choices and bad.

  • The Victim-
    1. Good Choice: This is the kind of person I most admire. They’ve been dealt a shit hand and although NOT their fault they’ve managed to find the strength and accept the situation for what it is. They aren’t wallowing in self pity- they being proactive and moving on.
    2. Bad Choice: For the majority of us I think we all basically start off as this kind of victim but there are many people who just can’t break the cycle. It gets to a point where someone actually needs to muster up the courage (Liquid or spirit whatever their preference) and tell that one person to just get over it! Move on and for the sake of everyone’s sanity just make a positive decision to better themselves.
  • The Antagonist-
  1. Good Choice: I think we may be kidding ourselves with this person- Unrealistic. However, I do think that there are people out there than have done things they’re not proud of but have made a concerted effort to rectify their bad decisions in life. They at least conscious of what they’ve done and have set out on their path less traveled and have come to terms with the fact that they CAN fix it.
  2. Bad Choice: I’ve been involved in situations where these kinds of people have made decisions on my behalf to better themselves. They are the amoeba of all amoeba. They are the slime of every pond sucker. They are the devil on your shoulder. They’re ultimately the Joker to every Batman.These unpopular people unfortunately come in wolves clothing and sometimes look fabulous in them too. You should ask yourself this question, ‘What does my gut say?’ because when all is said and done- you’ve fallen victim to their web because you allowed it to happen! It’s not always easy to hear that and it’s not the favourable things to say either yet when I look back on past experiences I kick myself for not being that bit smarter and relying on intuition.

Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder-

Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder

One of my many secrets is that I’m a lover of Hip Hop and this lead me to Jay-Z’s lyrics  ‘Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder.’

What I take from those lyrics is that once knocked how long do you intend to stay down? You need to get your shit together and pick yourself up and dust your shoulder off. Stop playing the victim and rise to the challenge. two wrongs do NOT make a right but the situation is not always presented in black and white. You’re not playing multiple choice. This your life.

Master of my fate, Captain of my Soul.’– Invictus by W.E Henley

Take the initiative and refuse yourself the pain of being the victim and prevent yourself from being the Antagonist!

You Have A Choice!



If UNITED we do not stand, then inevitably DIVIDED we shall fall!! This image on the right also taken from Gladiator , is about a character who was there to kill. He fought alone  and met his death. Although it was a shame to see him go (He was rather delicious- even in his skirt) it was just meant to be. He had no chance- the odds were against him.

If there’s one thing to take out of this, it’s to be the kind of person you want to be and strive to be better. Perfection is unrealistic and exhausting to keep chasing after.

‘Sometimes you just gotta accept that some people can only be in your heart, not in your life.’

-Lucy Magwa


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