The Innovation Of Print: The Chicken Ain’t Dead YET!!

How Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

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“The most common trouble with advertising is that it tries too hard to impress people.”
– James Rudolph Adams

How did the chicken cross the road? This is a tale we still can’t seem to justify but along with the likes of Nissan, Mercedes and Ace we find out how print ads are still finding their way in advertising despite the challenges and increase in deaths of print media.

Print ads, to some are forming part of a dying age, however I personally think that a well executed print ad has every right to be considered amongst the new age of innovative media marketing. I’m still a youngin’ when it comes to marketing and advertising but as a Generation Y advertising enthusiast I think that print still goes a long way and will for many years to come. It might not be used on the monumental scale it once was, but it’ll still be visible. Take a look at some of the quirky, innovative and genius ads that have inspired me.

I absolutely love this print from Oxy! Although I hate pimples. Ironic?? Try it out…

Bose has done an exceptional job of using their product to create chaos. Wonder if they’re sound proof?

This Print by Mercedes made me giggle. German ingenuity especially Merc does not strike me as being fun. In fact all the Merc drivers I see are old fogey’s or stinking rich housewives. Yet none of them seem “Colourful.” Nonetheless, it’s a superb print.

So basically I’m feeling that there is still plenty of room for print. Actions, after all do speak louder than words.

“Imagination has always had powers of resurrection that no science can match.”

-Ingrid Bengis


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