So for those of you who are having mixed emotions on this #KONY2012 campaign, let me help propel you swiftly off the fence. Whether I need to push, kick, or shoot you from the position- I have ways and means. There have been many mixed reactions about this whole situation. For the purpose of this “exercise” I’m putting myself in the objective team.

I’m sure you’ve managed to see the viral video on youtube who successfully managed to gain 100 million hits in the first 6 days. Originally uploaded on the 5th of March 2012, the campaign lit social media alight in the matter of hours. #KONY2012 became a world wide trend on twitter. It was wild fire. If you have not seen the video, I urge you to take a look at it now. As far as I’m concerned no one has any place to make assumptions until they have their facts. Once you have the adequate information, please feel free to form your OWN opinion. I’m not here to tell you whats wrong or right.

What We Know, That You Should:

Joseph Kony, born in 1961 (Aged 52) to Luizi and Nora in a village called Odek, East of Gulu in Northern Uganda. Now how much of his life is true, I suppose no-one truly knows. There have been reports that he has been dead since 2006. He began shadowing Alice Auma, the leader of the Holy Spirit Movement during 1986. Kony then became highly unpopular with his tribe the Acholi for his unsuccessful attempt in overthrowing the NRA (National Resistance Army). This fueled his status substantially.

Kony, determined to retaliate gathered a small group of former Uganda National Liberation Front Soldiers from the Black Battalion and conducted his first raid. Out of vengeance he attacked Gulu first, this being his priority at the time.

Lords Resistance Army vs The NRA:

Kony had already sanctioned the name of his following as the Untied Holy Salvation Army (UHSA), whereby the NRA originaly thought of Kony as no threat. By 1988 Kony’s UHSA had rallied enough support from different Parties to gain their trust. Many of the opposition had joined Kony’s cause out of rebellion. Kony reckons that he is a God-send, literally. He ultimately wanted to rule Uganda with a Christian dominated following. He claimed that spirits had been relaying messages through him from God and therefore formulating his plot. At this point, Kony had rallied the support of his child army. He had made them assassinate their own families in order to keep them loyal. Based on the fact that they would have nothing and no one to go back for or to support. The estimate of foot child soldiers in 1984 is said to be at 104,000. Kony had succeeded at this point and they ventured into 1992 with a change of name, United Democratic Christian Army.

So this whole Kony thing has been boring up until now, right? Enough about Kony! What about the Ugandan Children?

Invisible Children! WHERE?!

So basically, the half hour film explains what the #Kony2012 initiative is all about, but you may have missed some things. Such as “2012” is part of the “Process” to capture Kony. American military have been deployed t Uganda and are on foot in search of him. The problem is that the politics behind Kony are a bit half-arsed. The American Government have given Invisible Children a year to rally the support they need in order to expose Kony and show the Government that the cause is worth been taken seriously. One of their greatest efforts has been the “Cover The Night” campaign, whereby you order the “Action Kit” available via the Kony 2012 site and you receive all the tools necessary to participate in the event. If you’re interested in participating in Cover The Night, specifically in Johannesburg, South Africa, then visit the Facebook page here–> Kony 2012, Cover The Night South Africa.

Why all the Video’s, Posters and outcry? Well the purpose of Kony 2012 is to MAKE KONY FAMOUS! It’s that simple. In fact, it’s really an effort to make him infamous. So far their efforts have not been in vain, yet there are equally as many people opposing the idea. The reason for this post is really to get you to think for yourself. Form an opinion. You may not feel that this particular cause “speaks” to you, but there has to be something you feel equally involved with and connected to, right? Whether you’re fighting for the Cancer Cause, The Rhino Cause or The AID’s Cause, you’re still fighting. I feel that being apart of Generation Y or The Millennial’s has made this Cause more relevant to us, more than most. I feel connected to this Cause because it was going on in a place I’m familiar with and during an era I was apart of. Knowing that I was a kid in South Africa, safe at home with my parents in a home and a place I could call my own. Similar to that, Apartheid was part of this Kony era. South Africans were fighting for their children just as much as Ugandans. The one, highest ranked Millennial Characteristic is that what we really want out of life is to be good parents. So there, the connection is even more relevant that just an era. We’re fighting for Crimes Against Humanity, we’re fighting for children and we’re hoping that our cause will bring comfort to those families and children.

After all the criticism, Invisible Children released another video titled “Kony 2012- Part II”. Have a look–>

“Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live.”

-Invisible Children.

So, ask yourselves this,


An after thought if you’re still keen to get involved, “Cover The Night” takes place on the 20th of April (This Friday). So find out where your nearest meeting place is and be apart of something bigger than yourself. You will most likely be able to pick up the event on Twitter, using #Kony2012 or #CoverTheNight.

Journo on the hunt for Kony does a little Q&A on Reddit—> Mashable\Kony.


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