Ornate Photoshop Typography

Ornate Photoshop Typography


So for the last week I’ve been trying my hand at photoshop. I thought the easiest way to get into it was to do some tutorials.  The one I decided on really looked amazing and so I begun my project on Monday evening, only to have finished it Thursday morning. Something that had been approx 2-3hours. In all fairness, I did between work projects and although not an exact replica of the tutorial- I came pretty close. I changed the word, because “Typography” was too long for my patience. So I tried out my mentors name for shits & giggles.

The Original Tutorial


So this is the image I set out to copy. Overall I did everything they said but tweaked it slightly to what I wanted. The whole purpose of this was to learn the tools and practice so I think it was a success.

My Version.


Although the image isn’t an exact replica, the method is what I was really out to learn. Mine came out a lot more fiery and vibrant. Which I actually prefer. I didn’t add the background image with the floral vector because it became a little over whelming (and the fact that I was impatient and didn’t want to do it).

So what do you think??


One thought on “Ornate Photoshop Typography

  1. Very nice. The software and the things you can accomplish with it are pretty amazing. I’ve used it every day for 8 years as part of my job and it still astounds me what you can accomplish with the software.

    What’s really great about it at this point is the interchangeability of all of Adobe’s products. InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop now have many of the same effects, and you can import elements from each program into the other.

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