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So by chance I came across this guy on twitter who was encouraging people to get on board with this May 15th Photo Project taking place all of the world. I’m always up for a challenge especially when it involves photography. So I took a closer look and the challenge is pretty straight forward. They have signed up some top class celebs and ambassadors such as; Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Richard Branson. You can sign in using Facebook, Twitter and two other social platforms, so that process is pretty pain-free.

Step 1:

NOW- Manage your profile

Step 2:

MAY 15th- Home, Work & Connections

Step 3:

AFTER MAY 15th- Share, Compare & Explore

The general idea is ultimately to save all these photographs and place them in a time capsule for future generations. “Your pictures of today will inspire tomorrow.” Here’s a tutorial on how to upload your photo’s and how to interact and display your photographs.

So please join me in this adventure and tweet me your handle so I can follow your journey on May 15th as well.


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