Team S.A ‘The Underdogs’: The 2012 ISF XIII Fastpitch Champs in Whitehorse, Canada.

Team S.A ‘The Underdogs’:

The 2012 ISF XIII Fastpitch

Champs In Whitehorse, Canada.


South Africa vs Argentina:

Friday night, Team S.A faced Argentina in a grueling first match at the ISF XIII Fastpicth Championship in Whitehorse, CA. With high spirits and feeling energized they met Argentina on the diamond at 1P.M Local Time ( 10P.M South African Time). Although their fielding structure was solid, with #12 Lisa (LF), #3 Sanette (CF) and #17 Candice (RF) comfortably patrolling the outfield and #16 Candice (1st), #7 Glynis (2nd), #11 Shannon (3rd) and #22 Melina (SS) guarding the infield. They had #75 Jacqueline, pitching a consistent game throughout and #4 Melanie anticipating her throws at catch. The game was off to a slow start with Argentina only scoring half way through the game. It was frustrating to see our girls go through such an absurd loss. Our batting line up was sure to have been fool proof with our starting four, #12 Lisa, #11 Shannon, #16 Candice, #3 Sanette bringing the heat at the plate.

The end result saw Argentina claiming 8 runs, whereas S.A managed to steal 3 runs of their own. Team S.A’s spirit was nothing short of extraordinary, and although they weren’t chanting V.I.C.T.O.R.Y at the end of the game, they were definitely happy with their efforts and at the end of the day, that’s all we could possibly ask of them. There is nothing worse than a team with poor sportsmanship, and S.A remained to keep their smiles on and walk away proud.

<–(Head Coach, Dulvie) It was a superb way to start the tournament and they did S.A justice by just playing a great game of softball. After the first 6 games of the day, it was time to relish in some Canadian entertainment. The Opening Ceremony! Each team paraded around the fields in their National Colours, flying their flags high.

With this years ISF Fastpitch Championship, it is the 1st time it has been done in a two-year cycle to make up for the Olympics. The Softball World Series was only played every 4 years but since the exclusion of Baseball and Softball in the Olympics the ISF have done us all a favour by presenting us with even more softball! If one (Being Me) was the Queen, I would gladly reinstate the sport because one does not wish to have even more GOLF events. To be quite honest, I’d much rather prefer to see a clown on a unicycle, juggling softballs around eighteen holes. WHY? Because that is worth a frikken gold medal!!

South Africa vs Venezuela:

With a disheartening start to the tournament on Day One, S.A were determined as ever to recover their loss in the currency of runs. Venezuela unfortunately had no use for our currency and dealt a hard bargain. They beat S.A  7-0 which lead to Mercy-Rule. Any longer, S.A would have had little chance to recover at the pace Venezuela was churning out hits. One doesn’t dare say ‘Mercy-Rule’ aloud, it’s as bad as saying ‘Voldemort’!! Nevertheless, S.A took it on the chin, dried their eyes and embraced the loss like true Champions should. Despite the loss, both teams played an exceptionally entertaining game. Again, we congratulate Venezuela for bringing the heat, no one said Worlds would be easy.

Err… One, is never too sure why one is rolling on the floor. I assume she took ROTFL literally?

South Africa vs China:

This proved to be a captivating game. Day 3 and S.A had managed to make just 3 runs in their entirety. They faced China in the wee hours of the morning (1:30A.M) and I was up and ready for commentating with the help of, Juliana Forero. Candice, Estee and Glynis pulled off an insane double which provided them with solid security for the time being.  S.A wore their hearts on their sleeve going into this game and I couldn’t help but feel despondent. S.A lost 4-0 which is incredibly commendable, considering the Chinese plan to take over the world. I was a bit despondent, not because S.A were lacking in the defense, the energy, charisma or intelligence but because I wish they didn’t have to go into a game of this standard and feel unworthy. Don’t get me wrong, we have an amazing squad with ample talent. I just get the feeling that many people out there are only supporting the teams they KNOW will WIN and aren’t giving S.A a chance to prove their worth in a tournament of this caliber! S.A has gone into this tournament as the ‘Under Dogs’ and I have a good feeling that they’ll come out of this feeling like Softball ‘Rock Stars’ (If there ever was such a thing, they’d be it!).


S.A will be soaring with the Eagles tonight at 11P.M (S.A Time- 2P.M Local Time), and although this will possibly be the best and most challenging game for our girls, they should take this experience as a learning curve and go all out because here at home- we couldn’t be more proud. Win or Lose. They’re playing the reigning champs who successfully won the ISF XII in Venezuela in 2010. All I ask is that the USA bring their best game because we’re not one for handouts. S.A will gladly accept your challenge and whether they win by an inch or a mile, we’ll know Team S.A gave it their all. Have fun ladies and remember why you’re playing the game. You can see all the photo’s on Softball S.A’s Facebook Page and for the rest of the games and teams, have a look at the 2012 Fastpitch Champs Flickr Page.

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