Aiming For Annie- A Photographic Storyteller Of Fashion And Adventure.

Aiming For Annie- A Photographic Storyteller

Of Fashion And Adventure.


 I’m a colossal Annie Leibovitz admirer. When I started developing an interest in photography as a kid, I had no knowledge as to who this woman was. I had no comprehension of fashion, the differentiation between Cannon, Nikon, Leica or Hasselblad. What I did distinguish was that I had an eye for seeing “Life Through A Lens” much like that of Annie. I don’t know Annie on a personal level nor have I met her, yet I feel connected to her through my art. It may be a bit philosophical for you or a bit ‘Airy-Fairy’ but I suppose it’s the same way athletes that compete and strive for greatness in their chosen discipline feel about their Heroes. How many aspiring boxers idolize The Great Muhammad Ali? How many musicians want the title ‘International Rock Sensation’ like that of The Beatles, The Stones or even modern marvels such as Beyoncé and Gaga?

“At my Rolling

Stones’ tour, 

the camera was

a protection.

I used it in a

Zen way.” 

— Annie Leibovitz

Photography for most people is about gazing upon pretty pictures and for the most part, it’s nature related, such as; Cats, Dogs, Wild Animals (The Big Five), Landscapes and Landmarks. But many people forget that a significant part of photography is intended for portraiture. It’s a skill that not many appreciate. To some communities around the world, a photograph was malicious- they believed that their soul was being apprehended. In essence they weren’t very far off. I believe that taking a photographic portrait captures someone in a moment of time. They will forever be in that moment when they look back and appreciate it. Capturing moments is what Annie does remarkably well. Hence why I have called her ‘A Photographic Storyteller.’

The Photographer Who Rolled With The Stones-

Annie began her job at the Rolling Stone Publication in 1970. Not only did she push boundaries with the magazine, she had the once in a lifetime opportunity to tour with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on the Rolling Stones tour in 1975. She has done some of the worlds most iconic portraits with The Rolling Stone Magazine, some of which you might recognize below:


“In a portrait,

  you have room

  to have a point

  of view. The

  image may not

  be literally

  what’s going on,

  but it’s representative.”

  — Annie Leibovitz


Fashion Is More Than Fashion, It’s An Adventure- 

The one obscure photograph that I deeply admire was the one taken above, with Yoko Ono and John Lennon. The photograph was taken just merely hours before he was shot. Iconic!

Leibovitz spent 10 years working for The Rolling Stone Publication and then started her new adventure at Vanity Fair, in 1983. Two of my favourite things together. The greatest reason I appreciate both the Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair is based on the fact that I’m a loyal Leibovitz fan. She has worked with some the most prestigious brands in advertising and the most incredible names in the entertainment industry. Her style of photography draws you in and commands your attention. The attention to detail, the choice of colour and contrast as well as the presence of the subject are pulled together like a photographic symphony. If there ever was a person I would love to just watch on set and be mentored by, Annie would be that person. Not to even ask question and pick her brain but to just appreciate the vast greatness of her knowledge on life, matter and all things photographic. Vanity Fair, for me, has one of the most elegant and beautiful approaches to the celebrity world and Annie’s portraits enforce the articles words by portraying the subjects in a way you wouldn’t see on screen. Its as if the you feel like the subject is in their own space, they feel relaxed although posed and almost like they’ve allowed you into their space, to appreciate them for who they are at one specific moment in time.

“I am impressed with what happens

when someone stays in the same place

and you took the same picture over

and over and it would be different, every

single frame.”

— Annie Leibovitz


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