Pin It To Win It With Nando’s #25Reasons

Pin It To Win It With Nando’s #25Reasons



Nando’s have made an adventurous move in South African Retail with their latest campaign. We say ‘adventurous’ because South Africans haven’t been quick to join to the third largest Social Network in the world. However, Nando’s released their #25Reasons campaign yesterday that encourages The Diehard Nando’s Fan to engage with them on Pinterest. The first of it’s kind in S.A and people are loving it. Twitter lighted up with people giving praise and congratulations. Their first television ad hit the web with a bang and that was all anybody was talking about for the majority of the day. To such an extent that #25Reasons started to trend and remained as one of the hottest topics throughout the day. addressed a few reasons as to why Pinterest was not suited for African users outside of South Africa due to some factors. Although those factors didn’t directly affect South African users the reasons were valid. With South Africans moving forward in technology use, Nando’s have managed to utilize Pinterest in the South African market with an unrivaled campaign that we hope will drive more South Africans to use Pinterest. We’re also hoping to see more retailers use the platform for their next campaign. Pinterest is an untapped resource in South African advertising and Nando’s have opened the door.



To enter their #25Reasons We Love South Africa, all you have to do is sign up to Pinterest and create a board named ‘#25Reasons’. You can visit Nando’s Pinterest Board and either repin your favourites from their board OR create your own reasons with a caption. Tweet your pin using the hashtag #25Reasons or paste the link to the facebook page. The most shared of the #25Reasons Pins will earn random Nando’s Fans vouchers.

♣ #25Reasons Pinterest Board Here ♣



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