Beautiful Maternity Photo Ideas [Including Studio Lighting Setup]

Beautiful Maternity Photo Ideas


I’ve been scouting the web looking high and low for Beautiful Maternity Photographs for my cousin whom I’ll be photographing in 2 weeks for this very excercise (If she doesn’t pop before then). I’ve used Google Images, Pinterest, Stock Photography Sites and Websites and I’ve found some really cute and well executed portraits. I wanted something that was done in good taste, showing off the natural beauty of a mother to be, especially a first timer. So show off her bump and still bring out the best in her. Whether she would be naked (But concealed) in a silhouette or draped in clothing.


This next one is my ultimate favourite. But it needs to be documented throughout the pregnancy and majority of the clients only decide to do their maternity shoot at the lat minute which is really unfortunate because this is a beautiful idea!

This last one is for photographers really. By the way, I take no credit whatsoever for these photographs. If one of them is yours, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to give you credit because I appreciate the photographers code of copyright 😉

This is how your studio and lights should be setup for the indoor shoot if that’s what you’re going for. For me, personally, I love my natural light and much prefer the outdoors as a natural backdrop.




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