Twitter’s New Spammers: The Spanglish Slapper #GameOn!

Twitter’s New Spammers:

The Spanglish Slapper


Starting out on twitter I was like a deprived and starved celebrity. I wanted copious amounts of followers and I wanted them fast! World domination waits for NO Villain!!! I was happy when my following grew after hours of dedication and diabolical research but I soon discovered that my following was less than satisfactory. The numbers were great but the followers were FAKE! I quickly became aware of my followers and learned their dirty little secrets. The gravatar may have been sweet and innocent, depicting naivety and virginism but I soon found the URL to be rather suspicious. The angel face gravatar in fact belonged to “college-threesome-orgy-blowjob-and-other-erotic-human-sins” that not even a moral hypocrite such as myself could bear!

I quickly blocked all those misleading Spambots and soon enough they got the message that I was not interested. Even a villain longs for True-Twit-Love! It’s been a while since I’ve travelled across multiple oceans of web and network to only find another deceiving mistress but of another kind. The hilarious part of this little adventure is that the Spambots don’t even try to hide it any longer or if they are, they’ve become increasingly careless.

Here are 3 Accounts I’ve become aware of and encourage you to be aware of those similar ones:

#1 Tell Tale Sign: English Bio And Spanish Tweets

#2 Tell Tale Sign: Twitter Handles All Separated By An Underscore

“Suzy_Tams”, “Georgiann_Witvoet” & “Shaquita_Matthes”

#3 Tell Tale Sign: Followers In Common With Me,

Alice Martin, Gary Baker, Lonny Dunn & Joseph Bushnell. 

Not to say that those followers are spam too, it just says to me that they’re more concerned in their twitter numbers than creating REAL relationships that are genuine. They’ve cheated the system and therefore just actually annoy me. I can’t do anything about who they follow but building significant twitter relationships and a sturdy following are clearly not their priorities.

So I hope you’ll be watching out for these spammers and remember that compromising on a legitimate following will catch up to you and possibly even be detrimental to your online presence later on.


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