The World Would Be More Hilarious If…

The World Would Be More Hilarious If…

I had this thought this morning and it reminded of Alice In Wonderland’s, 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

1. WHAT IF… You had to dance when you spoke in order to explain something? 

How funny would it be to see Jacob Zuma doing ballet whilst saying his speech “Today (PAUSE FOR Premiere), this errrr co….opeh-rrrration is demohn-strrrrated by the exees-tence of more than thirty (30) bilaterrrrral agrrreements and memo-rrrrranda of understanding. We meet here today (PAUSE FOR Troisième) to rrrreh-view and assess prrro (PAUSE) grrrress in the imple…mentation of these agrrree (PAUSE FOR Cinquième) ments.”

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t laugh at Mitt Romney trying to win The Presidency by fiercely getting his Pasa Doble on whilst at the Presidential Debate.

2. WHAT IF… You farted a colour cloud? 

I’ve this thought ever since I was a kid that the world would be so much better off if we all knew from the get go who “Did It”. That’s why WWI, II and Vietnam happened isn’t it? The dictators, soldiers and men in power kept accusing each other of violent gas dispersion. It wasn’t bullets that won the war. It was bombs!! Big Stinky Fart Bombs.

3. WHAT IF… We Laughed With Speech Bubbles & Captions?

Just to make sure we understand what it is that they’re really laughing about or to at least know who is the culprit. So many times you hear someone laughing and you think “That’s so inconsiderate. We’re at a funeral for heavens sake!”. Well, with this neat little trick, we’d never wonder again!!

4. WHAT IF… Animals had an instant translater bubble?

We joke about this a lot and on a daily basis BUT WHAT IF animals really could talk…. And we could understand? You see these two cute meerkats frolicking about on their mud mound and you think “Awww, sweet! They’re playing.” When in fact they’re arguing over who gets to eat your left arm but before they get a chance to make the kill, you’ve moved on to see the rest of the zoo. Animal speech bubble translators would definitely come in handy. IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!

What would make the world a more hilarious place for you?


2 thoughts on “The World Would Be More Hilarious If…

  1. any of the above, really! If politicians occasionally lost the power of speech and miaowed instead? Or if evil dictators grew rabbit ears? Although, I do like rabbits.

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