Christmas 2012: Winter Wonderland

So it started on the 16th of December. Landed at Heathrow and massively excited to see home and most of all, ecstatic to see snow… Well that was a monumental shut down. After being told that snow is expected on an eleven hour flight from the blistering South African sun there was nothing more rewarding than knowing I could frolic around in snow and get some awesome winter shots. What a perfect photo opportunity, right?! WRONG! No snow. In fact, I was walking London with a t-shirt and jeans…


Besides feeling like I was back in Africa it wasn’t all bad news 😉 I hadn’t been back to London in two years and what was worse is that I hadn’t seen Angie in a year. First order of business was to catch up on my English-ness and hit the pub for lunch and of course a beer with my little matey. Although we speak almost everyday, seeing her and hearing her was a complete game changer. Right, so beer and food was sorted and the only rational thing to do next was take a walk down the Thames. London Bridge never gets old! Angie was more excited about The Shard which is apparently now the tallest building in Europe? Impressive for Britain to be fair…

So Monday arrived and Angie had decided to take the Monday off to spend with me around London. Shopping is like eating vegetables. It’s the first thing I do to get it out the way and then I can enjoy the rest of whats left. Once we had done the whole disastrous shopping thing we headed off to Hyde Park for the famous Annual Christmas Spectacle, Winter Wonderland!! With enough Gluhwein,  Bratwurst and Beer to go around we had a pretty cool afternoon. Obviously more for the children than anything but nothing was stopping us from going to have a walk around.

Among some of the bazaar attractions, this tree was pretty epic. Based on the fact that it ACTUALLY spoke!! A talking tree! That’s pretty rad to be fair… If you weren’t impressed after seeing this then you’d be pretty blown away with the copious amounts of food and beverage!


Traditional Pasty and chips with some gravy to warm the body up before sunset in Hyde Park. Happened to be a beautiful day in London and the atmosphere was amazing as always. Definitely something you should do on your next trip to London over the festive season!5



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