The Reason Behind The Ink

Hey Flashers!!

So I thought I’d share some insight behind my new tattoo.

It’s not the first time I’ve got ink and for the last four years I’ve been hopelessly thinking about the NEXT piece of permanent body art. I’m a visual person and so this was the obvious decision for me. Being a self-taught and confessed photographer I was looking for something that spoke volumes about me and without having to explain the obvious.

I’ve been wanting a camera tattoo for a while now. Mostly as a reminder to myself to keep working toward my goal of being a recognized tog, not just amongst my friends but around but to actually one day make an honest name for myself in the industry. I knew what my tattoo meant to me but to visualize it was another thing. I needed the perfect camera.

When I had first arrived to my mates place in Bermondsey, London- She gave me this little film spool which when I had opened it was actually a DianaF+ Lomography keychain. I nearly died right then!! So when she bought me a DianaF+ CMYK for Christmas I cried. Yes! Like a massive baby.

Lomography: DianaF+ CMYK
Lomography: DianaF+ CMYK

In short, I took this as a sign and designed the tattoo piece that would be immortalized on me forever. The metaphor goes like this:

Life is Like… A Camera

Focus on what’s important

Capture all the good times

Develop from the negatives.

If things don’t work out. Take another shot!



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What do you think? 🙂 


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