R5-00 Shooters Wasn’t The Only Reason We Were In Kempies | 2013 Gordon Monk

Welcome back from the weekend Flashers!!

It’s been a rad weekend of sport in South Africa as we saw Bafana make it to the Quarter Finals of AFCON 2013 (Something I don’t think any of anticipated. If you did, then you’re not being honest enough).

One thing I miss the most about my childhood and school is my sport. A big part of my life was sport and the majority of my friendships were founded through sport. So on Saturday I made the decision to drag along one of those friends, Helen. Perfect softball watching companion because we both love the game and miss playing it as well as seeing Shannon play. We’ve known little Shannon for years, since we started playing Centrals, School & Club Softball and out of support and curiosity we made the brave decision to venture out to Kempton Park with our passports and tasers. We set the GPS and hit the highway only to find out that the cheeky Irish Man blabbing through my GPS had calculated our destination in the middle of a main road in Zuurfontein. Helen clenching her seatbelt and me rolling up the windows would be entertainment for anyone.

Once we had finally managed to find Barnard Stadion we were pretty chuffed with ourselves. I surprised Shannon with a visit from Helen which was would make this the “Awwwwww” moment but we’ll move on swiftly. Easterns played a pretty solid day of softball and was proper good fun to watch, was awesome to see some old faces still playing like legends and others that were trying to dodge the awkward “Hello’s” (Yea, we spotted you back in JHB Lee…). Myself and Helen decided to stay and watch the Men’s Premier game between the S.A Men and The Allstars.

Easterns took the tournament and we’re massively proud of Shannon. (Home Run or Not). So here are some pictures of the day just to give you an idea of what you missed out on 🙂 Big ups to everyone who played! I wish we only paid R5-00 a shooter here in the North too. It looks as though a few more trips to the East are in order. If not for softball then at least for shooters!

8 9 18 11

17 16 15 14 13 12

So we’ll be seeing you again for IPT! Last I heard it was being held at Barnard Stadion as well. Don’t miss that Flashers!!


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