The Ultimate Engagement Shoot Is A Day Filled With Magic & Promise

Happy Friday Flashers!!!

I have my first Engagement Shoot coming up with a lovely couple who are Varsity sweethearts and who are made for one another. So this should be a breeze. As you probably know by now, I’m massively anal about preparation and so here are a few ideas I’m going to incorporate into the shoot tomorrow but I’ll be adapting them with the intention of putting in my own flare and splash of uniqueness. Let me tell you about the location and maybe you’ll be able to visualize it.

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens… Based in Gauteng, South Africa this exquisite location is in the West Rand and as far as I know in Roodepoort. The back drop will include a wide array of flora, accompanied by waterfalls and flowing streams throughout the mountains and gardens. Plush grass, winding paths and beautiful tree’s that encompass the surroundings. The one factor I do dread most of all will be the rain. Always expected and anticipated for but depending on how the day turns out, the necessary arrangements have been taken into account.

So below, I have chosen the ones I feel relate most of all to the scenery I can expect to find. I hope to find a bridge shot as well. As photographers we aim to make every shot the perfect shot but as it was said in Highlander, “There can only be one”.

Engage1 Engage2 Engage3 Engage4 Engage5 Engage6 Engage7 Engage8 Engage9 Engage10 Engage11 Engage12

*I Take No Credit For These Photographs*

Stay tuned for FFM’s Engagement Shoot and hopefully some “Behind-The-Scenes” footage as well to give you an idea of how the day went about. Have a rad weekend and party like champions!!


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