The Art Of Levitation Photography [Video Tut] via DigitalRevTV

Wazzzup Flashers!!

Welcome back from the weekend. Short 4 day-week with Good Friday and Easter coming up. Exciting times! Hope to release a bit of my inner child this weekend and find an Easter Egg Hunt, perhaps the Cadbury’s event. Love delicious clients 😉 So I’ve just come across this on youtube clip and thought it was totes worth sharing (I’m gonna regret saying “Totes” when reading this back to myself in a few years as an elder version of myself) Thanking you & moving on ….

Right! First things first. What in the blundering dirty hobble-stub knickers of Cpt. Blackbeard is “Photographic Levitation” or “Levitation Photography”. First one sounds way more sophisticated and uppity methinks.

*Here are 65 Examples of Levitation Photography*




Watch this video to see what DigitalRevTV has done to test out the method of Levitation Photography:


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