Instagram: How A Giraffe From Amsterdam Got To Africa In Just 24Hrs

Howzit Flashers!

So you know we all love photographs here. And one of the biggest Photo-Social-Networks is that of Instagram. So this morning while having a casual amble through the latest Duck Faces and coffee mugs, I stumbled upon (Put that in there) a photograph of a Giraffe. The most coincidental thing happened next! I SWEAR that I had seen that very same Giraffe the day before!! Funny thing though… Both of these people I follow. So you would think that if you would be dumb enough to screen grab the very same picture and pass it off as your own, then surely, someone would notice?

This is basically almost nearly the story of How Melman arrived in Madagascar, yes? So just to make sure how a Giraffe miraculously made it’s journey ALL the way from an Amsterdam Zoo to a wildlife reserve (IDENTICAL to it’s Amsterdam Home) which happens to have a Giraffe Enclosure complete with it’s very own miniature watering hole, I checked my sources. The ORIGINAL source is the first picture where I had FIRST seen it. The second Giraffe (Apparently In Africa Currently) is the final grab.


I’m making an example of this user because I as a photographer ,  take an exceptional amount of pride in my photographs and using Instagram is NO different. All we ask is that you use the simple Social Media Etiquette Guidelines to be a well liked user. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt and asked @TheHeroEmporium if she had indeed given this user permission. Turns out that no, No she didn’t…

So here’s us making an example of you and calling you out. You could have at least given credit to the original iphonographer by tagging them.. In fact! NO! Why did you take it in the first place? Admire it and then move on… Swiftly… Before your greedy greasy fingers get sticky… Again.


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