5 Tips That Will Make Your Average Instagram Gallery Exceptional!!

Hey Flashers!!

The last few days I’ve given this some serious thought. Recently I’ve become so addicted to Instagram that I’m just one picture away from being locked up with a straight jacket in the looney bin. Then I had an epiphany… What if I used this addiction for the right reasons… To help you all out. So I have found a few excellent apps that you can find on both Android and iOS that’ll take your mobile photographs to a whole new level of amazing.

#1: Snapseed

This app is PERFECT for that HDR effect and bringing out the depth and composition in your clouds and sunlight. Here’s an example of how I went about it.

I took a simple photograph that worked particularly well with my rule of thirds. At the bottom you can see all the options available. My first call of duty is to use the Drama Feature.


Here you also have pre-sets to work with. I more, often than not, go for Dark 2. You can immediately see how it enhances the clouds with a glow at the edges and depth in the darkness. You also have the option to adjust the strength of the filter.


Once that is done I tune the image. You can change elements such as; Brightness, Ambience, Contrast etc… Once you’re done, save your image. Editing is not over just yet.

#2: Pixlr Express

I’ve recently come to appreciate Pixlr Express more and more. I was a massive fan of their first app, Pixlr-O-Matic but the Express version has an abundance of features, more than what Pixlr-O-Matic at has at its disposal. With the previous photograph.


I just opened it in the Pixlr Express App and do minor adjustments. Denoise works wanders but I never go over a value of 3 or 4. Especially with the HDR effect, I like it to still look rough around the edges to certain extent.


I then do a final round up and add in any Filters/ Effects I think work. This usually takes me a good 10 minutes to actually decide!!


Once you are satisfied with your piece, feel free to add in an overlay or a border and finally SAVE!! Here is what my final product looked like on Instagram…

Portsmouth & Southsea Clock Tower [December 2012]

#3: Photo Grid

I love this little gem! I get a few requests to do Photo Booths and this is perfect for an Instagram Square format. With this app I usually select 4 photo’s and put them in a sequence. But you can have as many or as little as you want.


I used Pixlr Express again after this for a filter and border… The Final Product:


#4 PicSay

For those that see things a little differently from everyone else, this will be a fun experiment for you.


Use the drop down box called effects and have a ball. I chose Spherize for my photo here of the carousal.


Once that was done I saved it and moved it straight to the next app…

#5: Photo Art

With this particular app it’ll show the photo as purely Black & White. It gives you full Carte Blanche to colour only what you want. This was the desired effect I went for on the carousal. The final product after a few adjustments gave me this. You can also find this in my Instagram Gallery @Kbellsays.


Here’s another example of Photo Art:

The Original File-



Final product after a contrast adjustment and crop

Photo Art2

So with these 5 handy apps and tips, hopefully you’ll love turning your average Instagram photo’s into exceptional pieces of art. I’d love to see your gallery on Instagram, so mention me and lets network! BOOM!!


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