This Batman Utility Belt Will Make You The Battiest Batman At The Batball. BOOM!

Morning Flashers!

Welcome back from the weekend. Not much happened besides a trip to the East, the North and an 11p.m visit to a Nemesis named, Billy The Bums. I figured we all need a little bit of awesome to start off our week and what better way to do that than with a Batman Utility Belt!!

As one would say in this situation…



So incase you find yourself undercover and would prefer to remain undercover and probably not look conspicuous at a dress-up party, I would suggest adding this to your costume. If you’re like me, you’re not going to dress-up half arsed. Firstly because it’s winter and your bum might get cold and secondly, you’d look proper legit dressed as Batman with a utility belt. This gives “Shoot-From-The-Hip” a whole new meaning of awesomeness!!



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