I Thought Only One Year Olds Smashed Cakes?!

Hey Flashers!!

Please forgive my absence of late, but this week has been anything but ordinary!  On Tuesday I celebrated my 23rd birthday and although it is probably considered improper for me to disclose my age, I really couldn’t care as those rules don’t apply to me until I turn 30. Only then will the lies become more extravagant and acceptable.

I often look through Pinterest for inspiration and I see many examples of kids turning one. Apparently its tradition to smash the cake. I’m almost pretty certain (considering I would’ve been one and have no recollection of my childhood until about 4) that I never had the chance to smash my cake and get unacceptably wasted on icing fumes at the age of one. So now was my chance to do that! Working at a company that constantly encourages the 8 Habits of David Ogilvy, I thought it only fair to live by them wholeheartedly. My favourite habit being “Playfulness”.


57 15 22 34


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