Holy Vintage Rust Buckets!!

This weekend I figured it was time to start making my house a home and for me, I’ve always taken caution to the details. Friday I got stuck into my room, I really should have taken a before and after picture because it went from disgusting to dashing in just 3 hours. It was like watching an episode of Hoarders.

So on Saturday I set out to find myself a storage solution and maybe if a little summin’ summin’ popped into play then I’d consider it. I’ve been wanting to do the whole pallet thing but was and still struggle to find any but I did however find the most incredible wooden crates. The only sensible things was to purchase them. BOOM!! So storage was less of a problem now. Walking around this little treasure island always makes me happy.

This scrap yard *SLASH* Antique warehouse is filled with exciting things. DIY enthusiasts will lose their minds in this place. I know I did! They have everything from kitchen cupboards, sinks, vintage military uniforms, camera’s, gramophones,  typewriters, beds, headboards, wooden window frames, vinyl, tables, chairs, hardware, tools, clothes and so much more… Its definitely worth a trip!

You see things and ideas come rushing through!! Here’s a look at a few photographs I snapped to show you into my rustic vintage haven…

Vintage Vino Bottles
Vintage Vino Bottles
A View Over The Side Of The Scrap Yard
A View Over The Side Of The Scrap Yard
Vintage Luggage Trunk with Pink Paisley Interior
Vintage Luggage Trunk with Pink Paisley Interior- Will Buy & Restore.

I can safely say that my day was productive!!


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