Marylin & Dean: Frozen in A New York Minute

When you look at an image like this you feel as though you’re stuck in time. The rest of the world passes by and you’re frozen. Even for just a moment. This is how I would imagine their state of mind at this point of their lives. Larger than life and at the very top of their industry looking below at New York and almost feeling left out but content as to where they are in that very second that this was snapped. Marylin leaning over the building to get that breeze in her hair and whiff of fresh air accompanied with a drag from her cigarette. Her eyes closed as if she’s taking in every inhale with her whole being. James looking out at the skyline, thinking of nothing but that very moment as well. What a spectacular moment in history. It almost makes it breathtaking in a sense that nobody knew how their ending would be as well as fact that it would happen so very soon.



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