#SnapsForAdam and the reason why Batman is not the real hero!

It’s never easy discussing that bastard that we so candidly refer to as cancer. It’s not deserving of pro-noun status, it’s not that profound and most of all it’s a little shit, much like that toddler you see throwing sand in the hair of another kid. It may be small but it’s a massive dick!  Never fear, the caped crusader is near!! Adam is a superhero in his own right. He has the most refreshing attitude and the upside is that it’s infectious. He’s saved us from drowning many times with his humour and nerdy but totally logical outlook on life.

We’ve recently had some not so pleasant news about a friend named Adam. I’ve known Adam for seven months and although that may seem like a petty number and an incredibly insignificant period of time, it goes to show how looking back on those months has rewarded me with friends worth having such as Adam. I first took notice of Adam because of his humour. It’s super dry but holy mother of pearl in a bucket full of fish it is intelligent?! I’ve never met anyone with the smarts as smart as Adam.

Finally somebody as weird as I am. He gets my Star Wars references and laughs at my ridiculous theories about quick money-making schemes that may or may not relate to #BlackShops. All of us that have come to know Adam have found this deep appreciation for SnapChat amusing as he insisted we jump on the SnapChat Freight Train. Take a look at Everything you need to know about Snapchat in 10 seconds (give or take) by Adam Skikne to grasp why it is simply brilliant and the power of the *SNAP*.

Most of us that have joined this #SnapsForAdam movement (Thanks to Dave & Corli) is mostly due to the fact that we’re showing support for Adam and fiercely wish him a swift recovery but also because this is an opportunity to demolish that 1 like = 1 prayer farce and do something worth talking about. This is not only a chance to talk about Adam and his current situation but also to reflect on those that have suffered the blow of this disgusting monster and those that unfortunately those that will still experience it. Most of Adam’s SnapChat’s are genius and although he may not be Picasso (Bless his cottons) he still manages to make it worth your 10 seconds. So, in order to show our appreciation for this great guy whom we respect and find oddly amusing but care for massively – we took to the *SNAPS* and collectively said a roaring hashtag #FuckCancer! We got you dude. The *SNAPS* don’t stop there. There are two incredible blog posts about Adam that deserve your attention. Have a read:


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