[Video] Cape Town Culture & Then Some

I love Cape Town… But I can only handle it in small amounts at best. Once I’m there on the other hand, I love every moment of it. I took a trip down recently with the @TheHeroEmporium and we got up to some pretty rad little adventures.

First stop:


We managed to squeeze in quite a lot during the week I was there, as well Christmas, a Big Bus City Tour and two museums. Although, we made it to the Jewish Musuem but decided we were short on time so we went to the Planetarium instead. We obviously did Table Mountain and thought it was then only fair to do Signal Hill. A lot happened in the eight days…

After I had dropped my bags off at the house I figured a drink would be the most reasonable first port of call.


We stayed in a beautiful house that had been rented for the month. What a great idea to do instead of staying in a hotel. This was like a 5 star hotel but that had actually been lived in… By real people! We automatically felt relaxed and that we belonged right there.




Not long after I had arrived, it was time for the Christmas celebrations. Myself & Ang decided this was the best way to have a ‘beachy’ Christmas. Each placeholder had one of these little gems.


After the great day spent at the house and getting settled we jumped right into a game of pool and double Freestate Cappuccinos. I thought us South African’s could make foreigners look like amateur drinkers but I now know that the Irish don’t play games.

Needless to say that it was an early night for all of us. The kids were exhausted after a busy Santa drop and well, there are only so many shots you can miss. By shots I mean the pockets on a pool table.

We then headed off to the V&A Waterfront for a little ‘touristy’ kinda action. Taking the Big City Bus Tour is something I love doing even though I know CPT quite well but i’s nice to see the city from atop and get a different perspective.

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