#SnapsForAdam: Multiplying the movement to The Black Shop.

I recently introduced you all to the #SnapsForAdam effort and I’m happy to report that it has grown from a fun-sized midget on ducks to a monster sized bearded lady with the strength of a thousand smaller midgets not on ducks.

Let’s explain:

Two of our colleagues arrived at work wearing black (Which in retrospect that wouldn’t seem like that much of a problem. It’s the choice of colour for many professionals) yet to Adam this seemed anything but normal. At this point you’ve  probably started to think he’s fracturely  special – you’re correct. Instead, Adam said, “Did you both shop at the same Black Shop?”.

This then snowballed and went from two colleagues to three, from a comment to a tweet and from a snapchat to a photoshoot. The whole office got involved for the launch of Nats’ Black Shop to show their support for Adam and I have a sneaky Spidey  sensation that this won’t be the last of the Black Shop.

IMG_39829147460941 IMG_39825991424564 IMG_39822280792239 IMG_39816046661380 IMG_39813158325199 IMG_39809758239749 IMG_39806645568851 IMG_39802933380130 IMG_39774495300294 IMG_39771110809330 IMG_39761819213869 IMG_39753203063968 IMG_39735340820316 IMG_39726915618900


One thought on “#SnapsForAdam: Multiplying the movement to The Black Shop.

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