9 Nifty Ways to Display Your Polaroids

Yay for birthdays! I recently celebrated getting older and slightly less competent with a group of exceptionally special people. The people that I work with have not only become friends but they’ve taken me in as family and I could not have asked for a better birthday in all my years.

It’s not as simple as saying, “They spoilt me!” because they full-on went all-out! They’ve had to put up with my incessant moaning about this start-up that has taken the South African instagram community by storm. They’ve literally combined my two favourite things about photography into one tangible output; Digital + Polaroids = Nifty250 Instagram Polaroids.

The story behind how I got my Nifty250’s was anything but the usual. The girls at work have been super supportive of my photography and decided to print my instagrams for my birthday. The tricky thing was that they needed to keep it a secret and wanted to do it on the down-low so they created a new instagram account under a different name and loaded the instagrams they were going to print. To do this they first had to screengrab the images from my account. A super tedious process but I love their dedication.


Now that I have some time to play around with them, I’m trying to figure out how best to put them on display at home in a way that not only shows them off to my guests but also in a way that depicts me. So, that’s what brings us here… I’m looking for inspiration on how to do this and the first place I went to was Pinterest of course. Take a look at these 9 nifty ideas for displaying polaroids, or in this case, my Nifty250’s;

1. Giant Polaroid Frame via Pinterest:

home living room couch masculine art brick

2. Polaroids and Fairy Lights via Pinterest:

twinkle lights cum picture gallery | cute!

3. Polaroids on Drift Wood via Curbly:

4. Bike Wheel Polaroids via SimplyWed:

bike wheel photo display -- cool to do with a polaroid at a party or wedding, everyone puts their picture in the wheel after and by the end of the night, its full!

5. Chromatically Arranged Polaroids via PhotoJojo:

Meanwhile, at Photojojo, we're busy arranging our Instax Mini prints chromatically

6. Falling From the Frame via FeedGeeks:

simply falling from the frame. reminds me of the waterfall of people that may slowly fade out of our lives or who seem to longer holder center court to us.

7. Heart Mural via Pinterest:

8. Twine and Pegs via Squidoo:

Twine and clothespin picture display...next project in my room! Love this!

9. Twine and Pegs in a Frame via Pinterest:

cool way to display photos of bride and groom from childhood to present

10. Bonus – Polaroids on wall with prestik. Here’s my room mural currently:

2014-07-12 05.47.16 1


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