First 5 Survival Tips for London-bound Saffas

This is both honest, and hilarious. Do yourself a favour and a have a read if you’re London bound.


Two years ago, seemingly on a whim, I dropped everything, packed my bags, said goodbye Jozi and set sail for London. With my head filled with images of double-decker busses, red phone boxes, foggy cobbled streets and Big Ben, I had my whole life ahead of me, the whole world waiting for me. Arriving here, London even played along with the illusion for the first few weeks (very nice of it), but then the “Holy shit! I’m here!” novelty wore off pretty quick. At this point I came to realise how underprepared I was for this mad city. For us South Africans, London comes as a massive culture shock, and often our expectations are a little out of sync with the reality of the place. But, not worry, having reached the significant 2 year mark in London myself, I feel equipped to hit you up with some A-grade tips to…

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