21 Things I Learned From Watching ‘Hook’

When I was a kid, ‘Hook’ was possibly one of my favourite films. The Peter Pan story in general, was always a favourite in any case.

When I heard the news about Robin Williams, it had really upset me. I remember my mum having a proper tissue blow-out over Princess Diana, and in some ways, this was my version. Robin Williams, for many 90s kids was a hero. We grew up with him. I love film, and for me, majority of my favourite films had Williams’ in them, from Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man, Flubber, Jack, the list goes on…

I recently came across the forgotten film of ‘Hook’, and it reminded me of a few important things in life:

1. “My word is my bond” –

The meaning of gentlemen’s agreement seems to mean nothing any more. If you committed to being somewhere at a certain time for a specific reason then make sure you’re there. Not going because you can’t be arsed is not really a good enough reason not to go, is it? Don’t be dick. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

2. “Have to fly. Have to fight. Have to crow.” – 

I suppose any one can interpret this in a number of ways but the way I see it is that if you don’t take the chances to fight for what’s yours, then it’ll be taken from you without warning. Unless you’re willing to do something about it. Moral? Stop bitching about it.

3. Losing one’s marbles –

This is probably the best one of them all. It’s totally okay to lose your marbles and go a bit Toodles. You might just actually have a bit of fun in the process. We take ourselves way too seriously, and often get caught in this shit storm we call ‘life’. Ditch the suit & tie, the heels and the stuck-up persona. Get in the car, play your favourite tracks and forget the city. Just drive, lose your marbles and read the next point…


Being an adult is literally the worst thing that has happened to me since I turned thirteen. Who does that? Seriously! Is it even necessary?

5. “Let’s give him a big hand, because he only has one” –

It’s perfectly alright to ask for help. Take your pride out of your pocket, and remember this, “People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” This goes both ways, and can have a positive and negative reaction to any action.

6. “My great and worthy opponent?” –

Underestimating me is always a bad idea, for you! I take my friendships and relationships extremely seriously, and people take advantage of my kindness often. That’s not to say I let them get away with it but often they feel that they have won the battle. I hate to tell them this, but I’m not as blind as what I may appear to be. I will win the war.

7. You know who you are! Stop pretending!” –

Don’t look to others for approval on who you are. Know who you are. Take charge of you are. Believe who you are. Nobody can tell you that person is but yourself. Stop pretending to be lost! If there’s one thing you can do for yourself in life, that is to know who the fuck you are!

8. Sink OR Swim OR Kiss a few hot mermaids? –

Life is a bit of a balls up, you’ll either sink OR swim. Where’s the fun in that if you can’t kiss a few mermaids along the way in order to remind you to breathe and get your head above water again. Re-surface and find your feet. Sometimes life is like that wave that knocks you over… Continuously! Low-tide will always come before the next swell.

9. “All the jagged parts of my life have come together to form a complete and mystical whole.” –

You may have lost your hand, your appetite and you might be slightly dramatic but pull your shit together, man!

10. “You better get up off your arse!” – 

When you have a mate that’s in dire need of comfort, get up off your arse, and be there before they do something stupid. Like text an ex, get drunk and have a one-night shag or even worse… Throw-up through a McDonald’s drive-thru after an afternoon of drinking. That’s what friends do. They call you at 02:38 in the morning for you to come pick them up. Don’t be pissed off. They wouldn’t have called if had another option.

11. “There’s no adventure here. Death is the only adventure.” –

Bollocks! Don’t be drool dropping dipshit!

12. “I’ve just had an apostrophe. Lightning has just struck my brain.” –

film animated GIF

Language is everything, it’s the primary source of communication. With a vast vocabulary, you’re bound to go places kid. Just remember, nobody likes a smart arse who can say big words but fails to spell them correctly. Don’t be a first class moron.

13. The ultimate revenge? Make them love you! –

Ever heard that saying, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” ― Abraham Lincoln. Nothing pisses someone off than when you actually pay attention to them, and they can’t stand you. Keep at it, they’ll realise that you’re not such a douchebag after all. An enemy destroyed, is a friend gained.

14. “One happy thought, and it’ll make you fly!” –

15. Hit the home run before you run home! –

Switch it up ,and commit to hitting the ball out of Never Land every time! There’s nothing like a free pass and safe base. It’s all or nothing fella.

16. Rogue shadows –

“In reality, a shadow is the projected image of a blocked light source. In a more abstract sense, a shadow is the darkness that results from the absence of light. Darkness and light are prevalent motifs throughout the play. Traditionally, darkness represents sadness, ignorance, and fear, while light represents happiness, knowledge, and courage. In order for a shadow to exist, light and darkness must both be present.” – via Natural Game.

17. “You’re humongous!” –

No matter how small you are or how small you may feel, there’s always someone who think’s you’re larger than life. Literally. No fairy sized bullshit.

18. “This is really going to hurt!” –

Life. Life hurts. People hurt. Time isn’t kind and well, life sucks. In all fairness, there are far more things that are positive, and that outweigh the negatives than there are negatives. Don’t be a drip.

19. Bangerang! –

This is Pan’s safe word. His calling code for the Lost Boys. We all need one of these. Some may call it, “help!” but I think that’s way too boring I would try something a little more dangerous, like “ARMADILLO!”. Exciting isn’t it?

20. Thoughts on crocs. –

There are three sides to this:

Crocs & socks: Don’t you dare, human! Don’t you dare. There is NEVER a good reason to wear a combination crocs and socks. Nobody has ever been laid because someone walked passed and had a voluntary positive inappropriate thought of getting in bed with you. If they had, then it was probably because they were trying to get you out of the abominations. Crocs are baby prevention enough. They’re the only contraceptive you need.

Real Crocs: Don’t let the bastards get you. You sure as fuck are no Steve Irwin.

Moronic Metaphorical Crocs: Always out to get you, those crocs that lurk around in the swamps of the open plan office. The crocs that wait for slow targets, and chomp at the legs. The crocs who entice you into thinking that you’re one of them but humiliate you to get ahead. Watch out for them low-balling, bait-sniffing, meat-munching, walking leather bags, they’re no good.

21. Let me leave you with this single-minded but evocatively the most important thought that ultimately ties this altogether…

“To live would be an awfully big adventure!” – Peter

film animated GIF

We often forget that chasing the big adventure is in fact the adventure. You need to slow down, take it in and let yourself live life. We forget that what we put ourselves through at our jobs (that you may or may not enjoy) is just one very small block in life. The amount of time we spend working never equates to the value we get out. Whether that’s monetary or results, it’s not worth missing an adventure for – experiences are worth more than what money can afford. Start your own adventure. Live!


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