10 Things About LEGO That Makes Being An Adult Awesome!

I love LEGO as much as the next kid, but I love LEGO way more than the next adult! I remember growing up as a kid, my uncle was a plastic moulder by trade, and receiving buckets – neigh! CRATES of LEGO after one of his testing experiments back at the factory.

There are very few things I love more than LEGO, like a good cup of tea and a day in bed with a self-adhered dose of series, slipping me into a pleasant coma of happiness.

To show you how happy it makes me to love all things LEGO, I’ve found 10 things about LEGO that make being an adult even more awesome. Check them out!

    1. LEGO Fashion
      Awesome: Giant Lego Block bag, the fashion of childhood dreams. Lego, Fashion, Bags 0

  1. Handy household hanging devices – it makes it even more awesome that they’re superhero figurines
  2. Kitchen Knife Protectors
    17 Practical Uses for LEGO in Your Everyday Life -- might have to make that smartphone stand....
  3. LEGO inspired iPhone accessories
    Cool, customizable LEGO iPhone Cases
  4. #FashionFirstFurnatureFTW I always say…
    20 Cool Furniture Designs Made Out of Legos. When the boys leave their Legos out, you can tell them that you are going to use them to build this table.
  5. LEGO treats of deliciousness! Who would say no?
    LEGO Cake Ideas: 15 Seriously Easy LEGO Birthday Cakes with Tutorials @Candace Renee Renee Renee Renee Majeska Sheilee
  6. LEGO Camera. Because why not, right? It would look epic next to my Diana F+ Lomo!
    LEGO camera -- how fun would this be to make with our kids.
  7. Being an awesome adult means you also need to purchase an awesome piece of art. Starting with this!
    Wonderful shadow box cut-out filled with minfigs... Might be an idea when and if he ever stops playing with them...
  8. Finding LEGO love in photography
    Tiny Lego photographer travels the world.  Check out the site for all the pictures.
  9. Being able to attend the Art of Brick Expo and fully appreciate the LEGO mastery of Nathan Sawaya at Rosebank!Embedded image permalink

To stand the chance to WIN tickets for you and three friends, comment below and tell me why LEGO made your childhood so damn awesome! OR Tweet me at @KBellSays using the hashtag, #ArtOfBrick before July 15th 2015!

To buy tickets to see the Art of Brick Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa, click here and remember that you can still be an awesome parent these school holidays. Follow @BrickManZA for updates on Twitter too!



2 thoughts on “10 Things About LEGO That Makes Being An Adult Awesome!

  1. I didn’t have LEGO as a kid, so was very excited to buy it when my first son was born. It was love at first sight for us both. Now he has a brother who loves LEGO just as much! (I think it passed through our DNA) We’ve packed all other toys away in the house. No use letting them lie around getting dusty. I get to play LEGO with my boys every day and love to see how their creativity flows though these blocks.There is no limit to what you can build! We love it! LEGO figurines even go to sleep with them every night… We’ve also evolved! Mindstorm EV3 has captivated my older son beyond belief! I know we would all LOVE to come to the expo, it would be a fantasy land to get lost in! 🙂

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