SpringLOLz For The Springboks At The RWC 2015

Last night’s Springbok performance at the 2015 Rugby World Cup against Japan not only shocked a nation, it shocked the world. Labelled as “The Biggest Upset in Rugby History”, the Springboks faced the height of embarrassment with a final score of 32 – 34 in favour of Japan. Obvs!

They always say that you should never underestimate the underdog, and our arrogance got the better of us. Despite the many preconceptions that us as South African’s have made; blaming Heyneke on poor strategy, accusing our seasoned players of being too old and our younger players of being too fresh to take on on the world, amongst many others.

I’d like to consider us, as South African’s, damn patriotic. Some took the S.A vs. Japan loss rather hard, some took it as a chance to pledge their allegiance to another team (but mostly not the English) and well, some took the chance to find the humour in the breakdown. We’re pretty good at doing that.

As much as we didn’t want to lose, we deserved to. The Japanese outsmarted us in both tact and speed. They maintained composure against one of the Top 3 squads in the world, and they came out heroes. Let’s just hope that most of Japan now recognise that they have a great and worthy rugby team and that it’s a totally legit sport.

I still stand by my decision to support the Boks, and that won’t change but I, like most, are finding console in the humour:

Even JK Rowling had her say

Let me leave you with this…

Don’t be disheartened by a loss because it’s not in how we fall but in how we recover:


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