Humble, with a hint of Kanye Even

As much as we all kind of hate Kanye, we secretly think he’s a fucking genius and we despise that he’s so loathed and so loved all at the same time.

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When South Africa was colonised by the Dutch in the 1600s, they brought along with them many things but one of which was a native language that was then transformed into what we now call, Afrikaans. The reason for this blurb is not to change your life but more to help you understand my thinking…
In the Afrikaans language, “Can you” is translated into “kan jy” which is pronouced: “KANYE”! Coincidence? I think not!

I believe a new era of arrogance is rising but the kind you admire and almost wish you had the big hairy balls to do yourself. In the digital age, this movement could be seen as a trending topic, a Google search, a Wikipage or even a Hashtag: #KanyeEven!

If you had to start exuding this principle of life in your everyday pursuit of happiness, how would that make you feel? How would your peers perceive you? Would success follow?
#KanyeEven recognise an opportunity in the cloudy haze of your reality any more? (See what I did there?)

Kanye has made a few questionable calls in his career, a copious amount of cringe-worthy stage appearances for a lifetime and a number of stupid but brilliant social media outbursts but I think that even after all these little incidents, Kanye’s morals and values have remained intact – his mum would be proud, and despite how conceited he may appear, you admire his arrogance. I know I do.

“Please do everything you can in one lifetime”, Kanye said that, and I whole heartedly think he believes in that. Maybe that’s what inspired him to shut down the T-Swizzle in honourĀ of Beyonce. We weren’t really upset with him for doing that, we were shocked that he had the had the balls to do that but now, if he had to do it again, would we be surprised? Because #KanyeEven!

To conclude this, the next time you’re looking for a “Cowboy the fuck up” motivational Monday quote, just remember this and always be humble, with a hint of #KanyeEven!


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