“Call Me Google!” – Transgender Ad is About To Blow Your Mind!

Bruce Jenner, won the world over with the brave creation that is now Caitlyn Jenner. We all revelled in the excitement as the Kardashian step-father took on his boldest broadcast yet which was to introduce us to his new self. If only we looked that hot at 65!

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I’m venting… 

We’re all headed into that final stretch of the year. That, “OMF! If I don’t take leave between now and December I am going to lose my shit.” If it happens to be that you’re in the fire-line, then I really do apologise. It’s not personal.

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The Relationship Between High-Speed Milk and Pin-Ups Will Blow Your Mind

Originally seen on DIY Photography.

London based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is known for taking high speed photography to the extreme. (And for poking at a $12K Profoto setup with a $500 Einstein).

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Jaroslav’s latest endeavor involves nostalgia, naked girls and some incredibly well executed high speed photographs of milk.

The project aims at creating a pin up calendar inspired by the popular pinup calendars of the 40’s and 50’s. Only instead of clothing, the models are wearing milk. Milk frozen with high speed strobes.

As an inspiration, Jaroslav looks at illustrations done for pinup calendars by Gil Elvgren,Alberto VargasGreg Hildebrandt and more which were featured on Brown & Bigelowcalendars.

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

While none of the milk is illustrated, it is created from layering splashes from hundreds of individual photographs. Each taken with (real) milk splashed across (real) bodies.

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

The lighting setup is made with an Einstein E640 bounced of a silver parabolic umbrella for key and another E640 shooting through a strip-light for kick.

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Here is a look at 9 out of the 12 months, with 3 yet to be published photographs.

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

If you are in Lucerne, Switzerland this weekend you can join in on taking the last photo in a workshop. Or you can order the calendar starting November.

[Milky Pin-Ups | Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz]

Pin Pointing On Pinterest- A Marketers Guide

Pin Pointing On Pinterest

Brands were quick to jump onto the Pinterest bandwagon but had little or no insight as to how they could monetize their efforts. Pinterest have no tools as yet to allow marketers access to data and therefore a majority of brands are reluctant to get onboard the Pin-Train.

Two of South Africa’s largest retailers, Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay have managed to successfully grow a dedicated following on Pinterest using their area of expertise in the culinary and lifestyle genre’s. With the social scrapbooking site being the third largest social platform behind that of Facebook and Twitter it is still mainly driven by the interest of woman. The rival site, The Fancy, have a more strategic and clean-looking forum of which men are more drawn to.

On the advertising website Adweek, an article was published in February on the increase in interest from agencies on how to tap into the world of “Pinning”. John Bell, the global Managing Director at Ogilvy & Mather’s Social@Ogilvy had this to say about the task that lies ahead for marketers,

“The challenge to us is to articulate that value so we don’t shut ourselves out.”

Time and time again we hear of the success that certain campaigns have garnered and the truth is that there is no formula for that success. A well-executed strategy goes above and beyond that of just creating a Pinterest profile and adding a few boards with a couple pretty pins.

For the general consumer they look for value in their pins. Does it benefit them enough to interact in the form of a re-pin, a like or even to go as far as a comment? Generating content on Pinterest has more than one use, hell; it even has more than one form. Pinning a picture isn’t the only thing that constitutes as content. You have a choice to pin videos, articles or even links. Describing the pin gives credit to your content including added value as a source.

The Marketers Guide To Pinterest

My Take On #Aday

My Take On #Aday

Sunrise to sunset. My picture has also been selected to be viewed on the Washington Post, A Day: Share Your Life In One Photo

It may be something very small, but I feel exceptionally honoured. Especially because I’m not even in the States. I’m from South Africa, which honestly couldn’t be further. I feel like a proud mum.

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Woolworths “Jeans Rock” campaign gets Rocked by Criticism.

Woolworths “Jeans Rock” campaign gets Rocked by Criticism.

It all started off yesterday afternoon when I had seen the new Woolworths “Jeans Rock This Winter” campaign showcasing their latest products in conjunction with some of South Africa’s latest talent. One of the girls featured in the ad, Chiano Sky Kruger, is the new kid on the block. I happened to pay attention this ad due to the fact that I knew Chiano from school. If I’m not mistaken she had just started as a grade 8 pupil when I was in grade 10. So the age gap only differs by two. I thought I’d be nice an post a comment on the Woolworths Fan page even though they have been under public scrutiny recently.

Under Fire- 

Let me fill you in a bit. Woolworths is basically the Marks & Spencer’s of South Africa. The retailer and food outlet has been a public favourite for many years due to their quality of both clothing and food. However, in the last couple of years the brand has really slipped and now with the use of social media, consumers are finding a voice they never knew they had. With the many platforms available, such as; Facebook, Twitter and HelloPeter consumers are no longer settling for less than perfect. Which is completely fair, considering the Woolworths standard that everyone was so familiar with has been compromised. They were recently involved in a case with a beverage company called Frankies, whereby Woolworths, had plagiarized their packaging and flavors.

Here you can see the distinct infringement. Needless to say Frankies won their case and Woolworths was feeling the heat. Consumers were refusing to buy from Woolworths based on principle.  

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns

It was not long after Frankies that Woolworths found themselves in Hot Buns, I mean Water! Yesterday on twitter, the Christian community turned on Woolworths in outrage due their improved “Halaal” Hot Cross Bun Recipe. We often see religious holidays being exploited but Woolworths managed to take it to the next level. Easter to Christians is what Pasach is to the Jews. We all have our traditions and as a leading brand, your consumers are ultimately your voice. Your consumers determine your brand. It’ll never matter how big of a giant you are in your particular industry because your consumers determine your rise, including your fall. So with Easter being the annual holiday for Christians, they commemorate the season with a traditional pastry, marked with a cross symbolizes the crucifix. So how could Woolworths ever have thought that making a traditional pastry “Halaal” benefit themselves. It’s only proven to be more of an issue. Hot Cross Buns are what Matzo is to the Jews. You don’t screw with consumers boys & girls, ‘cos they ARE your religion. Without them, who believes in you? Who do you believe in?

The Consumerhood of Criticism-

I mentioned before that I had been quite patriotic toward supporting Chiano Sky and now present in the Jeans Ad. So I cam across this on Facebook and took some interest: So I clicked on the link and began watching. I was expecting more a buzz and was left quite disappointed but nonetheless I congratulated Chiano on her endeavor.  Chiano Sky is the girl with long straight hair- Jessie J looking in black and white. Take a look—-> 

A day after the release I had a Facebook notification, stating someone had liked my post. So I scrolled down just to see what everyone else had been thinking and came across the most amazing comment I have ever seen. Two woman battle it out. But it started off with an unsatisfied consumer and then snowballed. I managed to capture a screengrab of the conversation before Woolworths decided to delete any mention of the negativity. But I came a long and decided to forever immortalize it! *BOOM* Check it out:

The Innovation Of Print: The Chicken Ain’t Dead YET!!

How Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

This image is property of Flashing For Money©

“The most common trouble with advertising is that it tries too hard to impress people.”
– James Rudolph Adams

How did the chicken cross the road? This is a tale we still can’t seem to justify but along with the likes of Nissan, Mercedes and Ace we find out how print ads are still finding their way in advertising despite the challenges and increase in deaths of print media.

Print ads, to some are forming part of a dying age, however I personally think that a well executed print ad has every right to be considered amongst the new age of innovative media marketing. I’m still a youngin’ when it comes to marketing and advertising but as a Generation Y advertising enthusiast I think that print still goes a long way and will for many years to come. It might not be used on the monumental scale it once was, but it’ll still be visible. Take a look at some of the quirky, innovative and genius ads that have inspired me.

I absolutely love this print from Oxy! Although I hate pimples. Ironic?? Try it out…

Bose has done an exceptional job of using their product to create chaos. Wonder if they’re sound proof?

This Print by Mercedes made me giggle. German ingenuity especially Merc does not strike me as being fun. In fact all the Merc drivers I see are old fogey’s or stinking rich housewives. Yet none of them seem “Colourful.” Nonetheless, it’s a superb print.

So basically I’m feeling that there is still plenty of room for print. Actions, after all do speak louder than words.

“Imagination has always had powers of resurrection that no science can match.”

-Ingrid Bengis