Top 10 Things To Do in New York

Hey Flashers!

I’ve just got back from a once in a lifetime trip to New York City! Home of the Empire State, Central Park, Queen B and Jay-Z (Who by the way was not lying when he said these streets would inspire you!).

Initially I was on business with my clients, performing a specific role on behalf of their brand but after a few hours I sort of decided that I could totally get the best of both worlds… Because why not? A little work and a whole lot of play. It’s NYC bro!

Here were my Top 10 favourite things to do:

  1. Katz’s Deli, Houston. A Jewish deli est. back in 1888 is a NYC icon. Predominantly famous for two things; Their killer pastrami sandwich and their scene in “Where Harry Met Sally”. DO YOURSELF A FLAVOUR!

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The Ultimate “International Women’s Day” Playlist: 10 Songs By Women For Women


Morning Flashers!!

What an epic day to be celebrating! Whether you’re single, engaged, married, indecisive, independent, reliant, full of shit or just one with the Earth as a looney Flower Child, today we celebrate being Women… ALL AROUND THE WORLD! We get to connect and appreciate each other and strive toward the same goal. . . Being able to purchase a bottle of Klippies, Bourbon, Whiskey or Cigars for the same price and not be asked about our motives!

Lets face it. The real reason men are abusive, abrupt and complete blundering fools toward us is because our taste in Cigars is of superior value. FACT!

So in order to get through this day and not feel bad about being selfish or guilty about being a strong minded women I’ve found some great tracks to document this day. Have any of your own suggestions? Leave them in the comment box 😉

Beyonce is definitely on this list of greats, right?

How could this post NOT involve my Adele?

We need a little Tina Turner to Spice this up too…

Is Florence Relevant? I think yes…

Biggest track in the world at the moment goes to this Diva!

A Classic From The Legend we call Aretha of course…

Cher has to be in this playlist, no doubt!

A film that we all know and love with a rad little tune at the end with the lyrics “You Better Shape Up, Cos I Need A Man”. Chivalry is Dead…

I get massively excited whenever I hear this jam. Strong vibes! BOOM!!

Destiny’s Child should also be in the mix with their hit…

What are you favourite tracks for the day?