This Brave Little Human

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and although I always seem to say that in an effort to justify my laziness, the truth is that I rarely feel that I have something to say – I may have something to say but the honest truth is that I’m not entirely convinced anyone will read it.

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I love Cape Town… But I can only handle it in small amounts at best. Once I’m there on the other hand, I┬álove every moment of it. I took a trip down recently with the @TheHeroEmporium and we got up to some pretty rad little adventures.

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A Good Day At The Bay

My best mate came home for Christmas this year – the first time she’s spent Christmas in S.A since she left for England six years ago. It’s also been a while since my last photo shoot and my she has been insisting on me shooting her portrait for the most part of the year now. We spent Christmas down at Hout Bay this year and with only six short days to cram in outings, Christmas, chill time and of course the photo shoot we decided that we needed something nearby and convenient but something that still had character. We decided that the Harbour would be the perfect backdrop for her.

I’m pretty sure she knows that she’s stunning but holy mother of pearl these turned out to be incredible not only because of her floral shirts but because her quirky, warm and inviting personality came through exceptionally naturally in her photographs. She’s extremely photogenic and she has an amazing and contagious smile accompanied with the most intense green eyes. Thank you for the opportunity dude – it’s always an honour spending quality time with you.

Take a look at Angie’s portraits below: