Humble, with a hint of Kanye Even

As much as we all kind of hate Kanye, we secretly think he’s a fucking genius and we despise that he’s so loathed and so loved all at the same time.

15 Quotes to Inspire You to Do Something Meaningful |

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HRH The Queen Of England & Her Royal Leica In Action

What an absolute classic find! I love making stories from what I can see in photographs, especially ones like these… Of the Royal family. Picture this; A sunny Sunday afternoon in the English country (Yes. They do get sun… Rarely!) sipping on a refreshing tall glass of Gin & Tonic, garnished with a twist of lemon and a hint of fresh mint. Conversation is kept light like discussing the weather & the strong dislike for Parliament who is filled with grumpy old men arguing over whose brief case is real leather while paying their domestics with TAX payers money. As the afternoon progresses, Elizabeth gracefully gazes over to the polo field, excuses herself from the most incredibly mundane conversation and snaps away. Beautiful story right? Yea. I thought so too.


The Ultimate “International Women’s Day” Playlist: 10 Songs By Women For Women


Morning Flashers!!

What an epic day to be celebrating! Whether you’re single, engaged, married,¬†indecisive, independent, reliant, full of shit or just one with the Earth as a looney Flower Child, today we celebrate being Women… ALL AROUND THE WORLD! We get to connect and appreciate each other and strive toward the same goal. . . Being able to purchase a bottle of Klippies, Bourbon, Whiskey or Cigars for the same price and not be asked about our motives!

Lets face it. The real reason men are abusive, abrupt and complete blundering fools toward us is because our taste in Cigars is of superior value. FACT!

So in order to get through this day and not feel bad about being selfish or guilty about being a strong minded women I’ve found some great tracks to document this day. Have any of your own suggestions? Leave them in the comment box ūüėČ

Beyonce is definitely on this list of greats, right?

How could this post NOT involve my Adele?

We need a little Tina Turner to Spice this up too…

Is Florence Relevant? I think yes…

Biggest track in the world at the moment goes to this Diva!

A Classic From The Legend we call Aretha of course…

Cher has to be in this playlist, no doubt!

A film that we all know and love with a rad little tune at the end with the lyrics “You Better Shape Up, Cos I Need A Man”. Chivalry is Dead…

I get massively excited whenever I hear this jam. Strong vibes! BOOM!!

Destiny’s Child should also be in the mix with their hit…

What are you favourite tracks for the day?

Greasy Fingers And An Equally Greasy Film At The KFC Big Movie Experience

Hey Flashers!!

Last Friday was definitely a first for me and the crew. We all decided to go check out this KFC Big Movie Experience and see what all the hype was about first hand. It was no surprise that the ladies and Matt chose to see Grease considering the majority of us come from a very “Theatrical” background and are massive lovers of the film classic.

Here’s a little Photo Journal of the evenings events:

Whilst getting our KFC we stumbled upon this Gorgeous Green Giant.. Too much sexiness happening right here…


When we had arrived at the entrance of The KFC Big Movie Experience we were greeted with a MONUMENTAL Bag of FUN! FUN BAGS! Yes… I said FUN BAGS! Get over it.


We made our way toward the screen looking for some open space and found ourselves in the perfect spot to watch this sunset. Great timing and an amazing view resulted in this little piece of magic


Once we had filled up on some buckets of deliciousness we all came out to play and things got just a little out of hand… Can’t blame us for having greasy fingers and losing grip on our maturity ūüėČ The mission for the evening? AMP UP THE MEMORIES! And AMP IT UP we did!!









Thanks KFC for a rad evening!


Don’t miss out on the next set of films happening this Friday & Saturday at Diggers Rugby Club, Randburg. It’s right behind Damelin and next to the Randburg Astro. Gates open at 5:30pm and the film starts at 8p.m.

You can get all your info from the Facebook Event Hosted By KFC right HERE!

Oscars Play-By-Play Is Driving Me Insane

From This…Olympics Day 8 - Athletics

To This…

Oscar Pistorius-1711595

This has to be one of the most tragically ANNOYING cases in history. Paralympic Gold Medalist Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend FHM model Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentines Day. There is so much to cover and so many facts missing to put together a truthful story so I’ll leave the research up to you. Everybody is an expert on twitter unfortunately. As soon as I opened up my twitter stream yesterday I was bombarded with everything OSCAR related and if I had to see one more post I would pull my hair out. So I thought I’d escape to Facebook (Which irritates me as it is) only to find that some other model chick I have as a friend is giving a play-by-play of the whole flippen court hearing!


You think, “Oh! It’s only 2 updates.” NO! NO IT IS NOT! The state of her timeline look as though¬†Pistorius has¬†vandalized¬†it without him actually knowing it.

The #OscarPistorius debate continues worldwide on twitter as the case proceeds…

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 10.38.35 AM

Rad Music Video Uses Hundreds Of Polaroid Pictures To Tell A Story

Just spotted this inventive music video via Webstagram on Facebook and thought it was a pretty sweet idea. Using hundreds of Polaroids, we see a cute little story unfold. Spare 5 minutes and let your eyes be mystified! BOOM!

How To Feel Fulfilled As An Artist via @PiXmag

Just came across this breath of fresh Tog-Air on the PiXmag Facebook page and thought it was share worthy. Not just for aspiring photographers but for artists. Painters, actors, singers or Cirque De Soleil Certified Clowns *SLASH* Acrobats as well as musicians (Especially¬†those poor sods who enter Idols based on the opinions of their mother’s).

Well this is for you:


Christmas 2012: Winter Wonderland

So it started on the 16th of December. Landed at Heathrow and massively excited to see home and most of all, ecstatic to see snow… Well that was a monumental shut down. After being told that snow is expected on an eleven hour flight from the blistering South African sun there was nothing more rewarding than knowing I could¬†frolic around¬†in snow and get some awesome winter shots. What a perfect photo opportunity, right?! WRONG! No snow. In fact, I was walking London with a t-shirt and jeans…


Besides feeling like I was back in Africa it wasn’t all bad news ūüėČ I hadn’t been back to London in two years and what was worse is that I hadn’t seen Angie in a year. First order of business was to catch up on my English-ness and hit the pub for lunch and of course a beer with my little matey. Although we speak almost everyday, seeing her and hearing her was a complete game changer. Right, so beer and food was sorted and the only rational thing to do next was take a walk down the Thames. London Bridge never gets old! Angie was more excited about The Shard which is apparently now the tallest building in Europe? Impressive for Britain to be fair…

So Monday arrived and Angie had decided to take the Monday off to spend with me around London. Shopping is like eating vegetables. It’s the first thing I do to get it out the way and then I can enjoy the rest of whats left. Once we had done the whole¬†disastrous shopping thing we headed off to Hyde Park for the famous Annual Christmas Spectacle, Winter Wonderland!! With enough Gluhwein,¬†¬†Bratwurst and Beer to go around we had a pretty cool afternoon. Obviously more for the children than anything but nothing was stopping us from going to have a walk around.

Among some of the bazaar attractions, this tree was pretty epic. Based on the fact that it ACTUALLY spoke!! A talking tree! That’s pretty rad to be fair… If you weren’t impressed after seeing this then you’d be pretty blown away with the copious amounts of food and beverage!


Traditional Pasty and chips with some gravy to warm the body up before sunset in Hyde Park. Happened to be a beautiful day in London and the atmosphere was amazing as always. Definitely something you should do on your next trip to London over the festive season!5


Twitter’s New Spammers: The Spanglish Slapper #GameOn!

Twitter’s New Spammers:

The Spanglish Slapper


Starting out on twitter I was like a deprived and starved celebrity. I wanted copious amounts of followers and I wanted them fast! World domination waits for NO¬†Villain!!! I was happy when my following grew after hours of dedication and diabolical research but I soon discovered that my following was less than satisfactory. The numbers were great but the followers were FAKE! I quickly became aware of my followers and learned their dirty little secrets. The gravatar may have been sweet and innocent, depicting¬†naivety¬†and virginism but I soon found the URL to be rather suspicious. The angel face gravatar in fact belonged to “college-threesome-orgy-blowjob-and-other-erotic-human-sins” that not even a moral¬†hypocrite¬†such as myself could bear!

I quickly blocked all those misleading Spambots and soon enough they got the message that I was not interested. Even a villain longs for True-Twit-Love! It’s been a while since I’ve travelled across multiple oceans of web and network to only find another deceiving mistress but of another kind. The hilarious part of this little adventure is that the Spambots don’t even try to hide it any longer or if they are, they’ve become increasingly careless.

Here are 3 Accounts I’ve become aware of and encourage you to be aware of those similar ones:

#1 Tell Tale Sign: English Bio And Spanish Tweets

#2 Tell Tale Sign: Twitter Handles All Separated By An Underscore

“Suzy_Tams”, “Georgiann_Witvoet” & “Shaquita_Matthes”

#3 Tell Tale Sign: Followers In Common With Me,

Alice Martin, Gary Baker, Lonny Dunn & Joseph Bushnell. 

Not to say that those followers are spam too, it just says to me that they’re more concerned in their twitter numbers than creating REAL relationships that are genuine. They’ve cheated the system and therefore just actually annoy me. I can’t do anything about who they follow but building significant twitter relationships and a sturdy following are clearly not their priorities.

So I hope you’ll be watching out for these spammers and remember that compromising on a¬†legitimate¬†following will catch up to you and possibly even be detrimental to your online presence later on.