This Brave Little Human

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and although I always seem to say that in an effort to justify my laziness, the truth is that I rarely feel that I have something to say – I may have something to say but the honest truth is that I’m not entirely convinced anyone will read it.

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Cableways & Mountain Views

Hey Flashers,

Monday kicks off tomorrow, and needless to say I’m not looking particularly forward to it. If it contains a jug of Gin, accompanied by Eggs Benedict, then we’ll talk.

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Yay for birthdays! I recently celebrated getting older and slightly less competent with a group of exceptionally special people. The people that I work with have not only become friends but they’ve taken me in as family and I could not have asked for a better birthday in all my years.

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Hey Flashers,

I’m quite a massive fan of photobooths. They’re fun, they’re entertaining and it’s a great way to capture great moments on camera. I’ve been doing these for a few years now and I love the contrast of people I get to work with. It all comes down to the atmosphere created by not only the props and back drop but by the subjects.

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It’s never easy discussing that bastard that we so candidly refer to as cancer. It’s not deserving of pro-noun status, it’s not that profound and most of all it’s a little shit, much like that toddler you see throwing sand in the hair of another kid. It may be small but it’s a massive dick!  Never fear, the caped crusader is near!! Adam is a superhero in his own right. He has the most refreshing attitude and the upside is that it’s infectious. He’s saved us from drowning many times with his humour and nerdy but totally logical outlook on life.

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Women’s Day- Dedicated ToThe Most Inspirational Women In My Life.

Hey Flashers,

What a great day to talk about the most iconic and inspirational women in our lives. For me I have a few of these women. They each play an integral part in my life and each is unique in how they contribute. I’m sure that each of you have these types of relationships.

Lady Pants Bob A.K.A Robyn-

  • You’ve been my best friend since the start of High School. You hated me, nay, you were petrified of me in Primary school because I was the “Karate Kid” which made me laugh considering I was TERRIFIED of you! Nine years down the line you’re still around. I’ve left you behind on more than three occasions to travel the world, grow and learn but each time I’m away you’ve allowed me to be just be me. Although you drive me to insanity sometimes because all you’re capable of making is French toast and vegetarian dishes, even though I’m not a vegetable fan and you insist on tea parties but never actually attend them. Remember, that we may not see each other much, I will never forget your Rocky Horror, “Dr. Frank N. Furter” impression accompanied with the makeup and costume to match while parading down the stairs like the hottest drag queen to have hit South Africa since Freddy Mercury. I’m so proud of the woman you have become. You’re tall, stunning, you have legs ’til Tuesday and you have the greatest sense of humour. Perhaps because you also find the word “Poop” to be hilarious.

Fairy Godmother A.K.A Heather-

  • You took me in when I most needed a home. You gave me a job because I needed the chance. You gave me the giggles because you had nothing else to do besides fall down the stairs, make the most atrocious concoction of mince rice and some other funky tasting ingredients. Who else would sit in the car on the way home from work talking in a French accent alongside me? We have perfected it! Chin Chin to us a bucket full of bubbly!!

Winnah A.K.A Angelique-  

  • A chance meeting at a High School extracurricular and some healthy banter of name-calling… It basically went a lot like this; [Ang Steps up to the plate to bat] Kirsty screams out, “LOSER!” [Ang misses ball]. Tired of being struck out Ang decides to change the rules. Name calling changed from “LOSER!” to “Winnah”. This little Gaylord was around for me through a very tough time, I could not have laughed and cried equally as much without you being around. You’re my sistah soul, so much so that I’m pretty sure my mum loves you as her own more than she does me. In fact, I guarantee she’s actually said that before. Point is that, most of the important decisions I make in life are positive choices because of your counsel. You’re an amazing person, you have an exceptional personality and you inspire me every day to be better, smarter and occasionally funnier.

Mother Hen A.K.A Mum-

  • I don’t need to say much on this topic other than I am who I am today because of how you’ve raised me. You were the bread winner, the provider, the supporter and wooden-spoon-on-the-ass smacker. I learned my lesson. Que Sera Sera.


Sunday Main Street Life- The Maboneng Precinct

Morning Flashers!!

I have been scarce around these parts of late and for this I do apologize. Alas, it has not been in vain!

I’ve been rampaging, raging and razzling around Joburg lately with the crew and have so much to be excited about. For some time now, we’ve all been meaning to venture out to Arts on Main. Based in the Maboneng Precinct in the Joburg CBD, this massive warehouse is home to some of Joburgs little treasures. A variety of tantalizing cuisine from paella to dumplings and from a 9 layered red velvet cake to passion fruit macaroons, you’ll fall inlove with not only the array of delicious-ness but the atmosphere. It’s the kind of culture that’s only available at this time, this place with great food & beer, lemonade and of course mojito’s!!

Here’s what we got up to:
















29 48 50 51 52 53 61

If you’re looking for a culturally enriching afternoon, then Arts on Main is definitely one of those things you have to do. The food market is situated downstairs and is nothing short of amazing. Upstairs you’ll find a quaint fashion market stocked some vintage fashion, Jozi inspired jewelry and a few odds and ends to accent your home with.

The other stunning little find was a gallery upstairs that is covered from to wall with a collection of photographs printed on canvas. The idea behind this was to take kids from the street and equip them with a camera in an effort to inspire them and teach them the art of photography. For me, this was one of those things that made my day.

Again, thank you to all my friends for taking the trip. What an awesome way to spend the weekend with a bunch of stunning friends.

Kruger National Park Photo Journal: Two Friends, Multiple Life & Death Situations And A Rat.

Howzit Flashers!!

It’s been a while since we caught up proper, hasn’t it? Things this side have been proper busy and a bit mundane in the same breathe if that could be thought possible. But good news, I was asked to drive with my matey up to the Kruger. Although I’m sure she only asked me to go was cos she didn’t want to drive alone, I was pretty chuffed to just be getting out of the city for a few days (For the record. I’m proper grateful to the Saber’s for inviting me. I know it was not only so Widdle Sabz wouldn’t be driving alone for 4 hours.) Last weekend was massively eventful to say the least.

The drive up was not tedious at all. In fact it was pretty chilled and relaxing and I have the right to comment on that due to the fact that I drove. Before we carry on let me introduce to you the one, I call, Sabz… First Name: Nikita. Code Name: N/A



My Travelling Companion. Side-Kick. Co-Pilot. Jukebox. Chatterbox. Advisor. Brat. Pool Hall Junkie. Shooter Queen. Acapella Aficionado. And All Round Top Class Diva!

(Sabz, if you are reading this- you should already know by now how valuable you are and this is all just a load of crock. We’ll chat about this later, yea?).

Moving on…

Perspective- We all need that once in a little while. So here’s a Map of the journey to help you place us. We departed from Bryanston/ Fourways on Friday the 3rd of May at approximately Eleven Hundred Hours.


We had been driving on the same road the whole way down for about 4 hours only to have passed over a bridge. Under the bridge was the magical and very disappointing gateway to the very uneventful town of, Nelspruit. We pull in to town and with Sabz on the phone to her mum confirming directions, a car on the opposite side of the road merged into my lane. Slight Panic but nothing major… Until a split second later I hit the side of the curb and then subsequently burst my tyre… Fun times indeed. Once back on the road (Because as it so turns out, the road I was on was the correct one) we spent the next hour in traffic…

The Friday night was spent catching up around a braai with massive lamb chops, salad and some other things too. Straight off to bed in preparation for the early morning start in the park.

Fast asleep in dreamland I hear this scuffling in a plastic bag next to Sabz bed and I lie awake for a few seconds thinking she’s hungry and getting some Pringles out the box (Which is weird for her). Getting a bit irritated- I won’t even deny that part due to the fact that it’s 1:30a.m- I wait for her stop… So here’s a little dialogue of how it went.

-Two Youngin’s Sleeping in their warm cots hear a non-biodegradable plastic receptacle move-


“Kirst… You awake?”




“Did you hear that?”

-Slight panic now because Kirsty has just come to the realization that this was NOT Sabz!


“Ja… (Pause) But I thought that was you?!”

-In a ginormous leap, Sabz has jump the gap from her cot to Kirsty’s and made her way under the covers in nothing but her underwear. Situated in the Kruger Park where the wilderness has literally free range roaming just outside your door, their minds start going wild (Pun intended) with imagination as to what THIS midnight visitor could be.-


“Kirst… Go check!”

-Sabz feeling massively brave enough to send Kirsty into the danger zone, Kirsty hops over to Sabz bed with a clothing hanger to examine the bag and any hidden creatures under her bed.-

Eventually things got a little more conspicuous because we had no idea what to expect. We figured out that whatever it was, was no longer in the room. A few seconds later we heard movement in the kitchen and a few things being bumped over so Sabz started this kind of Whisper-Shout thing. Where its quiet enough to not scare this creature of the night away but loud enough to heard by her mum. “Maaah! (That’s how the Jews say Ma)”, Sabz says. Getting the attention of her mum, Aunty Sue makes her way to the kitchen with no skaam and patrols the house. The tiniest little lady with the biggest “No Fear Strategy”. She’s amazing! You should really meet her.

Any way… On to the exciting stuff.

Saturday morning. 5:30a.m wake up call.

The gate opens at 6a.m and closes at 6p.m- I assume these are Winter Times. So FINALLY… Lets get to the pictures!! 🙂


This is the Crocodile Bridge Gate. If you look ahead that was the entrance. So the view you’re looking at is from when we’ve already crossed over to head off to the Main Park Gate.




Sunrise was spectacular! Illuminating the sky in the most amazing warm palette.









3So up until this point we had been in the park f0r 6 hours straight. We head back to the Lodge  for some lunch and a few glasses of wine (Hoping it’ll improve our search tactics).


This little fella joined us for lunch. I call him Steve. Feel free to call him Steve too.

-3p.m We head out for Game Drive Two-








Africa still has the most incredible sunsets… The more dust the more phenomenal the sunset.

So after our 1st Game Drive I was sat at the back of the bakkie, getting shotgun on all the dust and sand. I felt proper disgusting and had to shower before lunch. But I did not expect this to happen on the second trip out… As Sabz said, “You look like nobody’s child”.


-Sunday Morning. 8a.m-


As we had left the Ngwenya Gate on our way to Crocodile Bridge, Uncle Jeff’s tyre had burst. How odd that it had happened to me on the way there on Friday and that I had dreamt of it happening again to my spare tyre. Only this time it was not mine…


Waiting for tyre to be changed, I made Sabz the lookout for on-coming traffic while I took this little stunner in the middle of the road.










-And finally we head home at 12p.m Sunday-



The Friendship Between A Greek & A Jew [Senior Portraits]

Ollo Flashers!!

So I have posted these before but I’ve since upped my game and thought this was the perfect opportunity to show what’s been happening. “The Friendship Between A Greek & A Jew” is no joke. Two of my best friends who happen to be in-fact “Best Friends” put on their Matric Dance dresses to help out a friend of ours who needed help with her makeup portfolio. Nikita has this incredible plot out by Lanseria with long yellow tinged grass, a porch swing stuck in the veld and a naturally distressed hut. These all made for incredible props. We’re at the point in our lives where we’re responsible for making our own fun & this happened to be one of the results that turned up. Alcohol was most definitely NOT involved (Yes.Yes it was!). Don’t be silly 😉

♠ Helen Stratis ♠


Nikita Saber ♠


And Finally… Here is the Photographic Journal Of A Decade Filled With Friendship;













N_8 H_6

N_5 H_8





A massive thank you to these two girls for going through the plucking, tweezing and crying in preparation for the day. You’re both beautiful and have the incredible personalities too. Hope you’re both ready for round two coming up this Autumn 😉