“Call Me Google!” – Transgender Ad is About To Blow Your Mind!

Bruce Jenner, won the world over with the brave creation that is now Caitlyn Jenner. We all revelled in the excitement as the Kardashian step-father took on his boldest broadcast yet which was to introduce us to his new self. If only we looked that hot at 65!

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Pin Pointing On Pinterest- A Marketers Guide

Pin Pointing On Pinterest

Brands were quick to jump onto the Pinterest bandwagon but had little or no insight as to how they could monetize their efforts. Pinterest have no tools as yet to allow marketers access to data and therefore a majority of brands are reluctant to get onboard the Pin-Train.

Two of South Africa’s largest retailers, Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay have managed to successfully grow a dedicated following on Pinterest using their area of expertise in the culinary and lifestyle genre’s. With the social scrapbooking site being the third largest social platform behind that of Facebook and Twitter it is still mainly driven by the interest of woman. The rival site, The Fancy, have a more strategic and clean-looking forum of which men are more drawn to.

On the advertising website Adweek, an article was published in February on the increase in interest from agencies on how to tap into the world of “Pinning”. John Bell, the global Managing Director at Ogilvy & Mather’s Social@Ogilvy had this to say about the task that lies ahead for marketers,

“The challenge to us is to articulate that value so we don’t shut ourselves out.”

Time and time again we hear of the success that certain campaigns have garnered and the truth is that there is no formula for that success. A well-executed strategy goes above and beyond that of just creating a Pinterest profile and adding a few boards with a couple pretty pins.

For the general consumer they look for value in their pins. Does it benefit them enough to interact in the form of a re-pin, a like or even to go as far as a comment? Generating content on Pinterest has more than one use, hell; it even has more than one form. Pinning a picture isn’t the only thing that constitutes as content. You have a choice to pin videos, articles or even links. Describing the pin gives credit to your content including added value as a source.

The Marketers Guide To Pinterest