25 Things You Wish You Knew Before Turning 25

In a few weeks, I’ll be turning 26, and I guess I’m trying to rationalise a milestone in my life and make it seem more momentous than it really is. Here are 25 things that I wish I knew before I turned 25 and things I just figured were worth making sense of at 25!

1. Realise who you are and who you want to be before you have a moral dilemma that turns into a quarter life crisis
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When I was a kid, ‘Hook’ was possibly one of my favourite films. The Peter Pan story in general, was always a favourite in any case.

When I heard the news about Robin Williams, it had really upset me. I remember my mum having a proper tissue blow-out over Princess Diana, and in some ways, this was my version. Robin Williams, for many 90s kids was a hero. We grew up with him. I love film, and for me, majority of my favourite films had Williams’ in them, from Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man, Flubber, Jack, the list goes on…

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If Disney Princesses Were On Instagram

I found this a few days ago and found it to be massively hilarious as it had allowed a Disney Princess to adapt to the trends of this era mainly being that of Instagram. Read the chirpy comments, you’re bound to have a laugh. My favourite is Merida from Brave.












We like??

Women’s Day- Dedicated ToThe Most Inspirational Women In My Life.

Hey Flashers,

What a great day to talk about the most iconic and inspirational women in our lives. For me I have a few of these women. They each play an integral part in my life and each is unique in how they contribute. I’m sure that each of you have these types of relationships.

Lady Pants Bob A.K.A Robyn-

  • You’ve been my best friend since the start of High School. You hated me, nay, you were petrified of me in Primary school because I was the “Karate Kid” which made me laugh considering I was TERRIFIED of you! Nine years down the line you’re still around. I’ve left you behind on more than three occasions to travel the world, grow and learn but each time I’m away you’ve allowed me to be just be me. Although you drive me to insanity sometimes because all you’re capable of making is French toast and vegetarian dishes, even though I’m not a vegetable fan and you insist on tea parties but never actually attend them. Remember, that we may not see each other much, I will never forget your Rocky Horror, “Dr. Frank N. Furter” impression accompanied with the makeup and costume to match while parading down the stairs like the hottest drag queen to have hit South Africa since Freddy Mercury. I’m so proud of the woman you have become. You’re tall, stunning, you have legs ’til Tuesday and you have the greatest sense of humour. Perhaps because you also find the word “Poop” to be hilarious.

Fairy Godmother A.K.A Heather-

  • You took me in when I most needed a home. You gave me a job because I needed the chance. You gave me the giggles because you had nothing else to do besides fall down the stairs, make the most atrocious concoction of mince rice and some other funky tasting ingredients. Who else would sit in the car on the way home from work talking in a French accent alongside me? We have perfected it! Chin Chin to us a bucket full of bubbly!!

Winnah A.K.A Angelique-  

  • A chance meeting at a High School extracurricular and some healthy banter of name-calling… It basically went a lot like this; [Ang Steps up to the plate to bat] Kirsty screams out, “LOSER!” [Ang misses ball]. Tired of being struck out Ang decides to change the rules. Name calling changed from “LOSER!” to “Winnah”. This little Gaylord was around for me through a very tough time, I could not have laughed and cried equally as much without you being around. You’re my sistah soul, so much so that I’m pretty sure my mum loves you as her own more than she does me. In fact, I guarantee she’s actually said that before. Point is that, most of the important decisions I make in life are positive choices because of your counsel. You’re an amazing person, you have an exceptional personality and you inspire me every day to be better, smarter and occasionally funnier.

Mother Hen A.K.A Mum-

  • I don’t need to say much on this topic other than I am who I am today because of how you’ve raised me. You were the bread winner, the provider, the supporter and wooden-spoon-on-the-ass smacker. I learned my lesson. Que Sera Sera.


HRH The Queen Of England & Her Royal Leica In Action

What an absolute classic find! I love making stories from what I can see in photographs, especially ones like these… Of the Royal family. Picture this; A sunny Sunday afternoon in the English country (Yes. They do get sun… Rarely!) sipping on a refreshing tall glass of Gin & Tonic, garnished with a twist of lemon and a hint of fresh mint. Conversation is kept light like discussing the weather & the strong dislike for Parliament who is filled with grumpy old men arguing over whose brief case is real leather while paying their domestics with TAX payers money. As the afternoon progresses, Elizabeth gracefully gazes over to the polo field, excuses herself from the most incredibly mundane conversation and snaps away. Beautiful story right? Yea. I thought so too.


This Batman Utility Belt Will Make You The Battiest Batman At The Batball. BOOM!

Morning Flashers!

Welcome back from the weekend. Not much happened besides a trip to the East, the North and an 11p.m visit to a Nemesis named, Billy The Bums. I figured we all need a little bit of awesome to start off our week and what better way to do that than with a Batman Utility Belt!!

As one would say in this situation…



So incase you find yourself undercover and would prefer to remain undercover and probably not look conspicuous at a dress-up party, I would suggest adding this to your costume. If you’re like me, you’re not going to dress-up half arsed. Firstly because it’s winter and your bum might get cold and secondly, you’d look proper legit dressed as Batman with a utility belt. This gives “Shoot-From-The-Hip” a whole new meaning of awesomeness!!