[WATCH] The Game Starts Here with Beats by Dre


The #RWC2015 is already rolling with a completely underwhelming Opening Ceremony in London. A bunch of dirty men taking a part a giant inflatable rugby ball, a dude that I’m pretty sure wasn’t saying much of relevance and this all only took place in a space of 20 minutes. What’s up with that?

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It Has Been Confirmed That The First “Social Olympics” Has Refused To Be Social!! #Olympics2012

It Has Been Confirmed That The First

“Social Olympics”

Has Refused To Be Social!!


We all have that one mate that says they’re up for a good time but then leaves the pub at 8p.m because The Bachelor is on tele and the wife considers it to be “Quality Time”, right? Then we always have that mate who decides to take it too far and will get piss drunk by 9p.m which leaves the other guy feeling content with his decision to having left at 8p.m. BUT then you get that one mate who is the level headed bloke who knows when to call it quits. He understood that his mate had to leave early but decided to stay for the sake of his other chemically imbalanced mate because he was having a rough week. He made the conscious decision to remain sober and be that designated nanny for the evening and remains happy with his decision. 

So lets say that bloke that left early, the party pooper is the IOC. Even if he had left early and said he went home to spend “Quality Time” with his wife we would just let it go. Instead, he went home with a bottle of whiskey and decided to annoy the rest of the world with 14 ridiculous little rules to screw over the rest of his mates just because he’s a dinosaur with no sense of social adventure.

Without knowing what he was doing, in his depressive drunken state- he was killing all the fun. Ultimately it would result in this document. It’s as though he decided that instead of athletes fencing, the athletes will bob for apples. WHERE IS HIS SENSE OF ADVENTURE!! I want to see dueling swords and pricks getting pricked! Since the inception of The Olympics, has there ever been this much hype about the event!! People now have the opportunity to be apart of something so much greater than mundane daily news. Social Media was going to be that door that Alice would have done anything to open and enter into Olympic Wonderland! Now? Now it’s just that 2nd grade fat kid that no-one wants to play with because he has a beard, smells like a construction worker and poops in his pants.

ENTER THE FUN POLICE! Contact your nearest bobby now!!

As a community manager I feel more upset for the athletes and the people actually attending the games. For most athletes it’s the first time they’ve ever been to such a prestigious event and I know that for myself, I’d be like a kid in a candy store! You want to share, express and document your experience. Especially the fact that it’s supposed to be considered the first ever “Social Olympics”.   You have the tools at your disposal but you’re not aloud to actually make use of them?! It’s like my nan saying, “Are you hungry, Dear?” Yes nan, “OK! Well, there’s bread in the kitchen but you’ll need to walk to the Co-Op for butter and cheese.” THEN WHY DID YOU ASK?! You can have a sandwich but I actually have nothing for a sandwich.

Wifi hostspots have been disconnected in hope that no-one will be so damn persistent to actually tweet something or be bothered to check-in. I’m pretty sure the IOC have done this just for sake of shit’s and giggles. The rest of the world would like nothing more to be patriotic toward their home team and share their athletes feelings of victory, disappointment and frustration. After all the, the Social Olympics was SUPPOSED to have been SOCIAL!!

This is an open forum and I’d love to hear what you have to say about the policy.