“Call Me Google!” – Transgender Ad is About To Blow Your Mind!

Bruce Jenner, won the world over with the brave creation that is now Caitlyn Jenner. We all revelled in the excitement as the Kardashian step-father took on his boldest broadcast yet which was to introduce us to his new self. If only we looked that hot at 65!

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6 Things Working in Social Media Has Taught Me

I still remember my parents rewarding me with a cellphone at the tender stupid age of 10 with a Nokia 5190 hand-me-down. I was so stoked to just be able to play Snake, not use the tiki-box for reverse calls and be able to send long-winded emoticon ASCii SMS’s to my friends. It was totally all the rage… It didn’t take long for me to switch to a Nokia 3310, have all the latest monotone ringtones and master the art of feeding a Snake large enough to fill up the small matchbox sized screen.

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Hello London!

It’s been a while, and I’m really sorry for being a shit blogger. I’ll be better in 2015 – at least that is what I keep telling myself every year.

It’s been a fast-paced year, the kind that hasn’t stopped or slowed down. Many things have happened in the year but I feel like this year has  possibly been the most challenging, exhausting, and emotionally taxing, but with all those things it has been the most rewarding. I’ve met some great people, I’ve said goodbye to others, I’ve dealt with loss, and in the chaos of it all, I have also had the chance to get to know myself a little better. What I can deal with, that it’s okay to say no, it’s okay to not go, it’s okay to stay in and be a granny but it’s also okay to go out and remember that I’m only twenty-four and that I don’t need to be responsible ALL the time. Just majority of the time.

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Yay for birthdays! I recently celebrated getting older and slightly less competent with a group of exceptionally special people. The people that I work with have not only become friends but they’ve taken me in as family and I could not have asked for a better birthday in all my years.

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Oscars Play-By-Play Is Driving Me Insane

From This…Olympics Day 8 - Athletics

To This…

Oscar Pistorius-1711595

This has to be one of the most tragically ANNOYING cases in history. Paralympic Gold Medalist Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend FHM model Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentines Day. There is so much to cover and so many facts missing to put together a truthful story so I’ll leave the research up to you. Everybody is an expert on twitter unfortunately. As soon as I opened up my twitter stream yesterday I was bombarded with everything OSCAR related and if I had to see one more post I would pull my hair out. So I thought I’d escape to Facebook (Which irritates me as it is) only to find that some other model chick I have as a friend is giving a play-by-play of the whole flippen court hearing!


You think, “Oh! It’s only 2 updates.” NO! NO IT IS NOT! The state of her timeline look as though Pistorius has vandalized it without him actually knowing it.

The #OscarPistorius debate continues worldwide on twitter as the case proceeds…

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 10.38.35 AM

Twitter’s New Spammers: The Spanglish Slapper #GameOn!

Twitter’s New Spammers:

The Spanglish Slapper


Starting out on twitter I was like a deprived and starved celebrity. I wanted copious amounts of followers and I wanted them fast! World domination waits for NO Villain!!! I was happy when my following grew after hours of dedication and diabolical research but I soon discovered that my following was less than satisfactory. The numbers were great but the followers were FAKE! I quickly became aware of my followers and learned their dirty little secrets. The gravatar may have been sweet and innocent, depicting naivety and virginism but I soon found the URL to be rather suspicious. The angel face gravatar in fact belonged to “college-threesome-orgy-blowjob-and-other-erotic-human-sins” that not even a moral hypocrite such as myself could bear!

I quickly blocked all those misleading Spambots and soon enough they got the message that I was not interested. Even a villain longs for True-Twit-Love! It’s been a while since I’ve travelled across multiple oceans of web and network to only find another deceiving mistress but of another kind. The hilarious part of this little adventure is that the Spambots don’t even try to hide it any longer or if they are, they’ve become increasingly careless.

Here are 3 Accounts I’ve become aware of and encourage you to be aware of those similar ones:

#1 Tell Tale Sign: English Bio And Spanish Tweets

#2 Tell Tale Sign: Twitter Handles All Separated By An Underscore

“Suzy_Tams”, “Georgiann_Witvoet” & “Shaquita_Matthes”

#3 Tell Tale Sign: Followers In Common With Me,

Alice Martin, Gary Baker, Lonny Dunn & Joseph Bushnell. 

Not to say that those followers are spam too, it just says to me that they’re more concerned in their twitter numbers than creating REAL relationships that are genuine. They’ve cheated the system and therefore just actually annoy me. I can’t do anything about who they follow but building significant twitter relationships and a sturdy following are clearly not their priorities.

So I hope you’ll be watching out for these spammers and remember that compromising on a legitimate following will catch up to you and possibly even be detrimental to your online presence later on.

Pin It To Win It With Nando’s #25Reasons

Pin It To Win It With Nando’s #25Reasons



Nando’s have made an adventurous move in South African Retail with their latest campaign. We say ‘adventurous’ because South Africans haven’t been quick to join to the third largest Social Network in the world. However, Nando’s released their #25Reasons campaign yesterday that encourages The Diehard Nando’s Fan to engage with them on Pinterest. The first of it’s kind in S.A and people are loving it. Twitter lighted up with people giving praise and congratulations. Their first television ad hit the web with a bang and that was all anybody was talking about for the majority of the day. To such an extent that #25Reasons started to trend and remained as one of the hottest topics throughout the day.


OAfrica.com addressed a few reasons as to why Pinterest was not suited for African users outside of South Africa due to some factors. Although those factors didn’t directly affect South African users the reasons were valid. With South Africans moving forward in technology use, Nando’s have managed to utilize Pinterest in the South African market with an unrivaled campaign that we hope will drive more South Africans to use Pinterest. We’re also hoping to see more retailers use the platform for their next campaign. Pinterest is an untapped resource in South African advertising and Nando’s have opened the door.



To enter their #25Reasons We Love South Africa, all you have to do is sign up to Pinterest and create a board named ‘#25Reasons’. You can visit Nando’s Pinterest Board and either repin your favourites from their board OR create your own reasons with a caption. Tweet your pin using the hashtag #25Reasons or paste the link to the facebook page. The most shared of the #25Reasons Pins will earn random Nando’s Fans vouchers.

♣ #25Reasons Pinterest Board Here ♣


2012 ISF XIII Women’s World Fastpitch Championship

2012 ISF XIII Women’s World Fastpitch

Championship July 13-22

Follow @SoftballSA on twitter now and show your support!!

I feel as though, we in South Africa don’t give our National Softball and Baseball Squads and even local teams enough exposure and appreciation. So I feel it’s necessary to take this on and hopefully people will see through this that they’re worth all the fuss I’m about to make over them. The squad, made up of exceptionally talented ladies raised all their own funds through events, supported by their friends and families because they don’t get the national exposure they deserve through South African Sports. I feel that many people don’t find the game very exciting because they don’t understand it. They don’t want to understand it either. Rugby, Cricket and Soccer on the hand don’t need to ask for sponsors because they have sponsors kneeling before them with bags, kit, cash, products, commercials and I’m sure they even have their arses wiped for them. The difference between these girls and those guys, is that it’s never been about the money. Come hell or high water, they were going to be in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada for the games. Welcome to The Pepsi Softball Centre;-


So here is some handy info if you plan on watching the games and you’re the interactive type. These 4 tips will keep you informed for the duration of the event. For the most part I can’t tell you who to watch out for or who you should be supporting but I have my two key players from The South African National Squad and I hope you’ll give them a shout out while you’re watching the games.

4 Key Tips For Following The ISF XIII Fastpitch Champs:

Our ladies were the 1st to arrive in Whitehorse on Sunday and a smart move to have arrived a head of schedule. Being in the softball circles for a large part of my life, I’m familiar with the players and what to expect from them. In the S.A team I’d urge you to keep an eye out for Candice Stephens which I suppose is a tiny bit biased cos she is one of my best mates, but her experience in the sport comes from her inability to sit still and remain in one place for more than 6 months at a time. She brings energy to the game and is bound to surprise you with some exceptional hits. Currently living in Canada, Candice will still be representing the S.A squad as she has been doing since the age of 16. She’s now 25 and still going strong.

Another little wonder, at the tender age of 21 is, Shannon Daubermann. She has such a unique passion for the game that raising her money for the ISF XII in Venezuela in 2010 was not a problem. Not to say it wasn’t easy but that which is worthwhile in life, never is handed out with no expectation of returning the favour. At 19 she was finally selected to represent S.A at the Champs. This little kid has a fire in her BELLEH and is determined to show it. She shows ample promise and the more game time she gets the better she performs. With her age comes her agility, and she’ll be ripping the diamond to pieces when she gets her shot. With great mentors in the squad, Shannon has an amazing amount of potential and with the right advice and nurturing she’ll be GREAT!! I know I’m proud of Shannon so I assume her mum, Miss Borrill is even more so.

All Snazzy In Uniform!!

Dear Little Shan, you’re mum asked if she could add this note for you and for the girls. So of course I said yes

As a proud mom of Shannon Daubermann I would like to give a little background on her. Shannon started playing baseball at the age of 3, she was awarded her provincial colors for u10 at the age of 7, after that each year she made the provincial team. When Shannon got to u16 ,the club she was playing for closed down and there were very few clubs available in Gauteng that still played baseball but that never stopped Shannon, she then started playing softball and there too made the provincial team every year from u16 till now. Shannon never missed a practice or game, her life revolved around the game that she plays with so much heart and passion. Shannon currently plays 3rd base and outfield but put her anywhere on that diamond and she will perform because of her PASSION for the game. Her dream was to play for her country which she got to live in 2010 at the age of 19 when she went to Venezuela for the World Series and now again this year in Canada. Her next dream is to play overseas permanently, to perhaps make a career of it but unfortunately in S.A. you get no exposure unless you are playing rugby, soccer or cricket. I know and believe Shannon can go far in Softball if she has the correct coaching so please keep your eye out for her at the World Series from 13th July.

These ladies had to raise their funds themselves to get to the World Series by having fundraisers, getting donations and even standing at the robot with a cardboard asking for donations. These ladies were determined to go represent their country so they found ways of raising funds as they got no help from the S.A. Sport Association and it’s sad because it is the S.A. Flag they are going to fly.

To the S.A Team, we are proud of you, fly our flag high!!!

(A huge thank you to Miss Borrill, Shannon’s mum back home in Joburg.)

I’ve been fortunate enough to play alongside both of them, and they’re in league’s of their own. So for now, ladies… Best of luck. No breaking legs, Candice (I don’t mean that literally).

The 16 Countries Participating Are;-

  • Argentina

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • China

  • Chinese Taipei

  • Czech Republic

  • Great Britain

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Mexico

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Puerto Rico

  • South Africa

  • United States

  • Venezuela

The Reigning Champs, USA are defending their title once again but I’m sure Japan is out for vengeance. Their last meeting in Venezuela put them inches away from claiming the ISF XII Winner’s Title. Although, Canada with a Bronze placement are bound to be coming out in full force this year to defend their home turf. The games are expected to be high on octane and so the ISF have made a superb selection of Umpire’s. I supposed one could say that they are possibly “The Best”. Both the squads and Blue’s will be expected to be on top form and I have high hopes for the S.A girls. It won’t be easy but I look forward to seeing them take the diamond with a sense of pride and great achievement. I can speak on behalf of all of us that know you and support you, that we’ll be watching and are bloating with all this pride!!

No matter what, you’ll come home as champions. Candice, mate- don’t bother coming home unless you plan on staying (I’ll even settle for a maple leaf or syrup).


Social Media Campaigns: Case Studies of the Biggest Fails of 2012 (So Far)

Most of the time we all focus more on what Social Media is doing right, especially in terms of Brands and Branding. Social Axis addresses the Fails of these Social Media Campaigns.

Social Axis

As social media continues to evolve, there is no set formula that defines a perfect campaign. While there are some great social media campaigns being run by companies, there are also plenty of campaigns being run which highlight how running a social media campaign isn’t easy, and there can be downfalls. Many individuals and companies are learning this the hard way, and it’s good to learn from other people’s mistakes so we don’t end up making them ourselves!

Here are some case studies of such failures that have occurred this year, along with the key lesson learnt from each failure.

1. McDonald’s #McDStories

In mid-January, McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #McDStories. McDonald’s asked users to post nostalgic stories about their experiences on Happy Meals, however, the #McDStories campaign quickly took a whole different turn very quickly as users started using the hashtag to instead share horror…

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Woolworths “Jeans Rock” campaign gets Rocked by Criticism.

Woolworths “Jeans Rock” campaign gets Rocked by Criticism.

It all started off yesterday afternoon when I had seen the new Woolworths “Jeans Rock This Winter” campaign showcasing their latest products in conjunction with some of South Africa’s latest talent. One of the girls featured in the ad, Chiano Sky Kruger, is the new kid on the block. I happened to pay attention this ad due to the fact that I knew Chiano from school. If I’m not mistaken she had just started as a grade 8 pupil when I was in grade 10. So the age gap only differs by two. I thought I’d be nice an post a comment on the Woolworths Fan page even though they have been under public scrutiny recently.

Under Fire- 

Let me fill you in a bit. Woolworths is basically the Marks & Spencer’s of South Africa. The retailer and food outlet has been a public favourite for many years due to their quality of both clothing and food. However, in the last couple of years the brand has really slipped and now with the use of social media, consumers are finding a voice they never knew they had. With the many platforms available, such as; Facebook, Twitter and HelloPeter consumers are no longer settling for less than perfect. Which is completely fair, considering the Woolworths standard that everyone was so familiar with has been compromised. They were recently involved in a case with a beverage company called Frankies, whereby Woolworths, had plagiarized their packaging and flavors.

Here you can see the distinct infringement. Needless to say Frankies won their case and Woolworths was feeling the heat. Consumers were refusing to buy from Woolworths based on principle.  

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
One a penny two a penny – Hot cross buns

It was not long after Frankies that Woolworths found themselves in Hot Buns, I mean Water! Yesterday on twitter, the Christian community turned on Woolworths in outrage due their improved “Halaal” Hot Cross Bun Recipe. We often see religious holidays being exploited but Woolworths managed to take it to the next level. Easter to Christians is what Pasach is to the Jews. We all have our traditions and as a leading brand, your consumers are ultimately your voice. Your consumers determine your brand. It’ll never matter how big of a giant you are in your particular industry because your consumers determine your rise, including your fall. So with Easter being the annual holiday for Christians, they commemorate the season with a traditional pastry, marked with a cross symbolizes the crucifix. So how could Woolworths ever have thought that making a traditional pastry “Halaal” benefit themselves. It’s only proven to be more of an issue. Hot Cross Buns are what Matzo is to the Jews. You don’t screw with consumers boys & girls, ‘cos they ARE your religion. Without them, who believes in you? Who do you believe in?

The Consumerhood of Criticism-

I mentioned before that I had been quite patriotic toward supporting Chiano Sky and now present in the Jeans Ad. So I cam across this on Facebook and took some interest: So I clicked on the link and began watching. I was expecting more a buzz and was left quite disappointed but nonetheless I congratulated Chiano on her endeavor.  Chiano Sky is the girl with long straight hair- Jessie J looking in black and white. Take a look—-> 

A day after the release I had a Facebook notification, stating someone had liked my post. So I scrolled down just to see what everyone else had been thinking and came across the most amazing comment I have ever seen. Two woman battle it out. But it started off with an unsatisfied consumer and then snowballed. I managed to capture a screengrab of the conversation before Woolworths decided to delete any mention of the negativity. But I came a long and decided to forever immortalize it! *BOOM* Check it out: