[WATCH]: Rediscovering My Love For Empire of The Sun

I was introduced to these creatures a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since. It’s one of those, “listen-until-you-get-sick-of-it-and-then-wait-6-months-to-do-it-all-again” kind of bands.

I have since rediscovered my of love them and it’s time!

Happy Friday!


The Ultimate “International Women’s Day” Playlist: 10 Songs By Women For Women


Morning Flashers!!

What an epic day to be celebrating! Whether you’re single, engaged, married,¬†indecisive, independent, reliant, full of shit or just one with the Earth as a looney Flower Child, today we celebrate being Women… ALL AROUND THE WORLD! We get to connect and appreciate each other and strive toward the same goal. . . Being able to purchase a bottle of Klippies, Bourbon, Whiskey or Cigars for the same price and not be asked about our motives!

Lets face it. The real reason men are abusive, abrupt and complete blundering fools toward us is because our taste in Cigars is of superior value. FACT!

So in order to get through this day and not feel bad about being selfish or guilty about being a strong minded women I’ve found some great tracks to document this day. Have any of your own suggestions? Leave them in the comment box ūüėČ

Beyonce is definitely on this list of greats, right?

How could this post NOT involve my Adele?

We need a little Tina Turner to Spice this up too…

Is Florence Relevant? I think yes…

Biggest track in the world at the moment goes to this Diva!

A Classic From The Legend we call Aretha of course…

Cher has to be in this playlist, no doubt!

A film that we all know and love with a rad little tune at the end with the lyrics “You Better Shape Up, Cos I Need A Man”. Chivalry is Dead…

I get massively excited whenever I hear this jam. Strong vibes! BOOM!!

Destiny’s Child should also be in the mix with their hit…

What are you favourite tracks for the day?

Rad Music Video Uses Hundreds Of Polaroid Pictures To Tell A Story

Just spotted this inventive music video via Webstagram on Facebook and thought it was a pretty sweet idea. Using hundreds of Polaroids, we see a cute little story unfold. Spare 5 minutes and let your eyes be mystified! BOOM!

There Ain’t No Party Like My Nans Tea Party

There Ain’t No Party Like My Nans Tea Party


Flight Of The Conchords On The Late Show. HipHoppopotomus and Rhymnocerous drop a sick beat and even freestyle. These two blokes are a cracking duo that never fail to please. Feast your eyes on this little gem and have a laugh!


Disney Reinvented

Disney Reinvented

I stumbled upon an article this morning by the Fast Company named, Master Class. In short, the article explains how to make your own mixes using your favourite sounds from films. Most of these are done using Disney films, so I thought I’d focus mainly on these. [Read more here] *I claim no responsibility for the following video’s, only that I really think they’re very well composed. All recognition goes to Fagottron (unfortunate youtube handle I’d say).

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory-


Alice In Wonderland-


Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs-


Disney Compilation-


Mary Poppins-


Hope you enjoyed these. More to come in a NON-Disney featured post.




My life seems to be one huge cinematic plot that reels kilometers of film each day. One film in particular struck a chord with me quite recently. Some may perceive this film to be cliche or prissy but if you pay attention to the lyrics of this solo- you’ll understand the meaning behind the film. This one song sums up the film in its¬†entirety.

Cher has the power to captivate an audience because of her raw voice. She has this way of making people believe her words. You can feel pain in her voice, from experience in love and loss. She’s a worldly woman that has undeniably trudged through many hurdles to get to where she is today. Although she sings this solo in Burlesque’¬† I have a sneaky suspicion that this song encompasses her life. There is a sense of purity in her lyrics.

I’ve been brought

down to my knees

I’ve been pushed

Way past the point of breaking

but I can take it.

There’s so much truth in those lyrics- I for one take them more seriously. I’ve been brought down to knee’s and I’ve been pushed way past the point of breaking! At first I felt like an absolute Doris on my knee’s trying to keep my tears back (Although this is one task I’ll never succeed in). I look back now and realize that being on my knee’s forced me to surrender to something that was greater than me at the time. I’ll never have a moment of weakness like that again. It’s not to say that I don’t feel pain- because I do, but I overcame that mountain and I moved it. I didn’t intend for it to stand in my way for any longer. The lyrics are beautiful and for those that know me- I’m not one for using descriptive words such as ‘beautiful, stunning or exquisite.’ I’m not one for showing emotion yet I have an extreme amount of passion. Everything I do, I feel compelled to put in 100% and more. I put everyone before myself but I still admit to needing help sometimes too.

Age Is More Than A Number-

I feel that although I have literally been through hell and back I do not regret being put to the test. However I do feel that people take my¬†independency¬†for granted and mistake my maturity as¬†naivety. I think one the greatest misconceptions people have of me is that although I may appear an adult- at the end of the day, I’m still merely ONLY 21. I don’t have the fortune of asking my parents for help. They’re not here. I don’t have the choice to study or work. I need to work to survive. I do not have the privilege to have a car (Yet!). I’m grateful for everyone who has helped me take one step closer to the summit but I don’t think anyone knows how much of a burden I know I am on their lives. They may not say it but I know it’s true. I’m not their¬†responsibility- yet they still had compassion for me and my situation. There is no-one who feels more like the ‘Inconvenience’ than I do.

A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.
James Allen

You Can Do It! So Can I!!