Matric Dance Makeup Photo Shoot [Behind The Scenes]

Matric Dance Makeup Photo Shoot

A friend of mine has recently launched her Professional Makeup services called, Miss Glamour-Eyes. So in order to get the word out there abut what she’s capable of we decided to do our very photo shoot to not only show-off her incredible talent but to also give FFM a chance to do some amazing photography. It started at 12pm Saturday the 16th of June on the outskirts of Johannesburg, heading toward Lanseria Airport. A friend of ours has this open plot in the middle of absolutely nowhere and the I thought the scenary would look spectacular for the purpose of the shoot. So for those readers who aren’t aware of what “Matric” is, it’s the senior year for teens (Grade 12) and the Matric Dance is the equivalent to Prom Night.So this is just a quick slideshow of Behind The Scenes with FFM Photography and Miss Glamour-Eyes. Props go out to our two stunning models, Nikita Saber and Helen Stratis.

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For the full gallery and photo shoot visit my facebook page and LIKE FFM Photography and Miss Glamour-Eyes.

The day was nothing short of entertaining. As girls usually are with getting dolled up, it took hours!! I’m pretty slap dash when it comes to makeup and so I like to keep it simple and under 10 minutes of effort. Which is completely do-able. Day light started fading and so we started to shoot at about 2:30-3pm and took a good 45min to an hour to do Helen’s shoot while Nikita got ready and dawdled. (Sorry friend, but it was long winded). The wait was worth every second and when the time had come to shoot Nikita, the sun had begun to set and the backdrop of open highveld was spectacular.

Nikita Saber, an up and coming solo artist and good friend was kind enough to allow us the use of her house for the shoot, which in turn had some amazing location spots for the shoot. She’s extremely talented and you should definitely keep an eye for her. Helen, her best friend and one of my closest mates also graced us with her Greek presence. In the shots I took she stole the show with her untapped Mediterranean look and the sun reflecting off her olive skin was just the perfect natural touch we needed to make her portraits a success.


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