The Forage

It all began as an inside joke while at work last week. You know how it is. First week back in the New Year, your mind is energized and your body vitalized. Amped to start 2012 because deep down you have this ultimate sensation of success just streaming through your bones and the heightened rush of blood pulsating through your veins.

FATE- Scrat

Monday being the evident Public Holiday I find myself getting ready for the immense year ahead. Mixed emotions but all superior! I’m going to hit the ground running as such. Not to mention that between myself and my boss we’ve been working like two squirrels on steroids trying to forage copious amounts of nuts for the season ahead. Needless to say we enjoyed our holiday…. Working! At least we can say that we’re all the more nuttier.

The Definitive Pinnacle

So as the legend goes, Tuesday we started work. Third of January and my mind was in overdrive! It was a great day, got the job done and it was extremely productive. Pat on the back a jump in my step. Come Wednesday (Keep in mind it’s only the 2nd day back to the workhouse) midday my boss decides that this past day and a half has taken its toll on her and she has ‘PEAKED for the YEAR!’
Well this was the end of all four of us in the office that day. It was possibly the most amusing thing I’d heard all year… Or should I say, “All FOUR days of the year” and we all roared with laughter! Our open office plan wouldn’t have made the hilarity of the circumstances any more subtle in individual offices. It could not be enclosed or harnessed for hours on end. It was out of control!

However, there is an enlightening message to this story…

The Dilemma

I got myself so caught up in keeping up-to-date with world trends in every industry that my boss’s hilarious ‘Peaked for the year’ outburst got my thoughts reeling for answers, more than that but I found myself asking worldly questions to myself and expecting vast sophisticated responses. Could this be insanity knocking down my front door or possibly Genius instead trying to be unleashed? To be fair, Genius might be a little ambitious (But let’s pretend that anything is possible).

Whilst I try to keep my head above water and attempt to find a universal thread in social media, the question that seems to wallop me on the head time and time again is that in this social media bubble that has grown at exponential rates throughout the world and that has been recorded with earth altering escalation- Can we peak too early in this era of Social Media?

Insanity vs Genius- Can you reach the Peak?

The Insane part of me says yes. Yet the “Genius” part of me (Be nice and Play along Polly) says no. Some days I find myself struggling to find content and on others I have too much and nowhere to put it. The information has caused my brain to short circuit and my laptop to overheat (Literally!).

Nevertheless, I have a gut feel that this ‘Peak’ does not apply to Social Media. Due to the nature of this beast it cannot and will not be tamed. We as Social Media enthusiasts need to customise the yoke and direct it accordingly. With new Social Media tools being launched daily it makes the management of media far less problematic and allows us to create and conceive our own personal ideas and theories. If we had peaked in Social Media, then the possibility of growth would be daunting- but it is not! More and more people are getting engorged in the mouth of Social Media and have latched on to the Tidal Wave. Albeit this is not the Natural Disaster global warming is responsible for claiming lives, this is the good kind. This wave is gaining favourability and is growing by the thousands each day.

Do not think that because you are offline the world comes to a sudden halt. It is continuous! Day and Night, Every second of every minute in every solitary hour… Social Media is the forum that NEVER SLEEPS! Furthermore, if stats of Social Media have plateaued then your formula is wrong. Going to back to communication basics is vital. Consumers want to connect now more than ever. They want to feel wanted. They need to feel needed. Building and nurturing these relationships are imperative!

Uhuru Peak Mt.Kilimanjaro- A true test of human super powers!


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