Humble, with a hint of Kanye Even

As much as we all kind of hate Kanye, we secretly think he’s a fucking genius and we despise that he’s so loathed and so loved all at the same time.

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My thought for today comes from an interesting man. As much as he loved science and ridiculous math problems he was still an adventurer. He was intrigued by not only the energy of the universe but by the energy of people. Einstein also had a way with words…

Happy Monday Flashers!


#iHaveADream: 50 Years of The Iconic Martin Luther King Jr. Photograph

This serves as a Wordless Wednesday feature as I feel that these photographs say more than I ever could about this day in history 50 years ago.


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Monday Motivation: Nautical Typography

Dabbling in typography with some of my images. This was taken in Portsmouth along the Old Harbor Arches. What do you think?


[Monday Motivation]: “What We Play Is Life”- Louis Armstrong

Taken At The Pyramids of Giza with his Wife (1961)
Taken At The Pyramids of Giza with his Wife (1961)